Venue Information

Main Venues


LSE Venue Peacock Theatre (PT) Old Theatre (OT) Sheikh Zayed Theatre
(NAB LG08)
Hong Kong Theatre (D1) New Theatre (E171) Shaw Library (SL) Wolfson Theatre
(NAB LG01)
Location Portugal Street Old Building (A) New Academic Building (NAB) Clement House (D) East Building (E) Old Building (A) New Academic Building 
Ground & lower ground floor Ground & first floor Lower Ground level Ground floor & balcony level First floor Sixth floor Lower Ground Floor
Capacity 999 462 400 234 240 130 130
Wheelchair spaces *1 Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (4) Yes Yes (1) Yes Yes (2)
Hearing Loops *2 Infra-red transmitter Infra-red transmitter Yes (Induction) Infra-red transmitter Infra-red transmitter No Yes (Induction)


*1 Please contact the organiser of the event if you wish to book a wheelchair space at an event

*2 Induction loops operate with standard telecoil-equipped hearing aids with no special equipment required.  For venues with infra-red transmitters the user is required to wear a headset which must be booked in advance by contacting the event organiser.  Event organisers should contact the AV Unit.

Notes on other venues

  • All teaching rooms in the New Academic Building are fitted with a wired loop
  • Infra Red transmitters are installed in the following teaching rooms- CLM.D010A, CLM.D010B, CLM.D202, CLM.D302, CLM.D308, CLM.D309, CLM.D402, CLM.D502, CLM.D602, CLM.D702, OLD.1.26, OLD.1.27, OLD.1.28, OLD.1.29, OLD.3.24, OLD.3.25.  AV or the event organiser should be contacted if you wish to book a headset for any of these rooms.

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