What are ten-day reminders?

You will be sent a reminder of your booking ten working days before the event. If you don't receive this then contact us ASAP. In the weeks before your event you can also check your booking by looking at the daily room bookings|, a list of all bookings (excluding timetabled teaching), for the following week. If your booking is for a series of dates you just get the reminder ten days before the first one rather than before every event in that series. If you make a booking at very short notice (i.e. less than ten working days) you will get your confirmation as normal when the booking is made but you will also probably then find you get your ten day reminder within a day or so of this (even if then there is by then less than ten days to go). This is because our room booking software recognises that your booking is to happen in less than ten days and no reminder has been sent and therefore automatically produces one.


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