The Shaw Library (Founders Room)

The Shaw Library’s (Founders Room) primary purpose is as a library, student/staff study area, the home to the music practice room and venue for the weekly lunchtime music concerts.

The School tries to keep a 'lid' on Shaw Library bookings, especially during term time since using the Shaw Library for an event means closing it as a library and student study area which is its principal use, as well as closing the music practice room, which is heavily in demand by students and staff.

You will not be able to book the Shaw Library for a drinks reception if the Senior Common Room or Staff Dining Room are available for your event as it is School policy to use these rooms first, they are the School's primary catering facilities. Any catering in the Shaw Library can only be provided by LSE Central Catering.

If you are planning a lecture, or discussion, or other similar type event then you should look to book one of the many teaching rooms the School has which can be booked using the online room booking system on LSE for You. Venues around the same size as the Shaw Library in terms of seating capacity include the Wolfson Theatre in NAB and rooms 2.02, 3.02, 4.02, 5.02 and 6.02 in Clement House.

The School will consider requests for the SL to be booked when no other appropriate venue is available in the School. To enquire about booking the SL please email|.

Terms of use of using the Shaw Library

If you have a booking for the Shaw Library please read the terms and conditions of use.

If you need the furniture to be moved around in the Shaw Library this needs to be done by the LSE porters. Please use the porters request form|.

If the porters are setting up the Shaw Library for an event in the evening the please ask them not to start this before 1500 if at all possible. This way the library does not have to be closed for any longer than necessary.

Please note that due to the reallocation of storage space it is no longer possible to remove the large red armchairs from the Shaw Library (apart from in exceptional circumstances and providing alternative storage can be booked which would have to be arranged with the porters). Please consider this when thinking about the set up of any Shaw Library events. 

It is not permitted for the arm chairs to be placed in the corridor on the 6th floor.

Please note that while the music practice room (located at the back of the SL) is booked out while events are taking place in the SL, this is not a storage room for the event organiser. Event organisers should not expect to be able to use this room as part of their event. The porters will not agree to use this room.

The maximum capacity for a seated event (such as for a talk or a conference) in the Shaw Library is 120.

When at maximum capacity it is not possible to also have catering, such as teas & coffees, or a drinks reception, as there is not enough space.  

Providing catering in the SL will therefore reduce the seated capacity of the venue. If you wish to have catering in the SL, the maximum capacity will be reduced to around 90-95 people.

Any catering in the Shaw Library has to be provided by LSE Catering|, please ensure you contact the catering office in good time to discuss your catering requirements. The maximum capacity of the Shaw Library for a drinks reception, stand up sandwich lunch or a stand up fork buffet is 200 people and 60 people for a formal sit down buffet lunch/dinner.

Any registration tables for an event have to be placed inside the Shaw Library (not blocking the entry/exit). Registration tables are not permitted to be set up in the corridor on the 6th floor as this houses academics' offices.

If you have any AV requests then please contact the Audio-visual services| to make arrangements.

More information about the history of the Shaw Library| is online. 

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