Rooms with names instead of numbers

Most LSE rooms are known by their number, with the first three letters denoting what building they are in and the first number denoting the floor of that building that they are on. For example CLM D2.02 is on the 2nd floor of 'CLM' building (Clement House).

There are a few exceptions to this (rooms with names rather than numbers) that sometimes confuse people:

OT Old Theatre (also known as OLD G.09)
PT Peacock Theatre
PTCB Peacock Theatre Circle Bar
PTSB Peacock Theatre Stalls Bar
GPT Peacock Theatre Green Room
E171 New Theatre
VAR Vera Anstey Room (also known as OLD MG.01A)
UNGND Underground Bar (SU)
SL Shaw Library (also known as the Founders Room)
AGWR Graham Wallas Room (also known as OLD5.25)
OLD5.11  Portrait Room
DDR Directors Dining Room OLD 5.13B
CDR Chairman's Dining Room OLD 5.13A (note: These two rooms (DDR and CDR) are collectively known as the Peter Parker Suite)
SCR Senior Common Room OLD 5.15
SDR Staff Dining Room OLD 5.13
CLM. D1  Hong Kong Theatre
CLM 1.02 Also sometimes known as the Tom Chellew room
CLM 7.02 Also occasionally know as the Wolfson Theatre


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