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Room pictures, capacity, layout and technical data such as what AV equipment the room contains can be found online - see teaching rooms|.

Please note that when you are requesting a room via LSE for you, if you click on the room number/name when selecting a room then you will be able to see a picture of the room and information about it. If a room has a data projector then this means you will be able to have PowerPoint presentations in that room.

The room layout you see on the web is the 'default' setting for these rooms. Unless you arrange for the room layout to be changed for your event this is what they'll look like on the day. If you want the room re-arranged for your event then the way to do this is firstly to make sure there is sufficient time for the porters to carry out the request, then contact the porters.

Some rooms can be joined together to create bigger spaces, please see Rooms with partitions| for more information.

Room Number Updates

As of August 2011 rooms have been renumbered, a full list is available here:

Room Number Updates (pdf)|

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