Room Booking Request Form

You can now use the online room booking system on LSE for You| to make bookings for rooms in the 2014-15 academic session.

As of 23 September all types of rooms can be booked online for the 2014-15 academic session. This includes:

  • committee rooms
  • catering rooms
  • computer rooms
  • lectures theatres
  • seminar rooms
  • study rooms.

Information is online about Booking a Room|.

If you wish to book any type of room from 1 September 2015 onwards please complete this form, and the request will join the queue. All room requests received will be kept and looked at when we are given permission for bookings to be made in the type of room requested. When a booking is looked at is dependent on when the request is for, what type of room is being requested and the type of event being booked.

Please note that we do not give a guarantee we will process all requests. It is likely based on previous years that those requests received last (generally those later in the summer) will not be processed by us as this can severely delay the releasing of rooms onto the online system. Those who have sent in requests which we will not process will be given advance notice as to when the rooms will be available to book online so they can do this themselves as soon as the rooms become available.

For information Term dates can be seen here|.

If you have any queries email| 

* denotes a compulsory field

  • Name of person booking the room:
  • Name of organiser of the event if different from person who is booking the room:

For your reference a copy of this form will be sent to the email address you have entered above.