Applying to the Public Lecture Programme (PLP)

The Conference and Events Office run the School's public lecture programme consisting of up to 100 lectures every term. Recent speakers at the School have included Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi; chairman of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke; former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan; His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Aung San Suu Kyi; as well as other leading politicians and academics. The Public Lecture Programme is a key part of the 'public face' of LSE. The purpose is to position LSE at the centre of debate in all areas of the social sciences. LSE research is relevant to the real world, rather than an "ivory tower" and these lectures aim to enhance the School's reputation for intellectual, challenging ideas and discussion with a broader public audience. The PLP attracts thousands of people to LSE every term and in 2012-13 over 65,000 people attended over 270 events. Many of our lectures are now available for download as podcasts and videos, attracting audiences from across the world.

If you would like our office to be involved in the organisation of your event, covering a percentage of the costs and assisting with the logistical planning, please follow the procedure outlined below: 

PLP Application form

Please complete the PLP application form| (Word Document) and return to the Conference and Events office.  
Details of the application procedure are also included in the form.

Forthcoming application deadlines

Lent Term 2015 -  Friday 31 October 2014            
Summer Term 2015-  Wednesday 19 February 2015

The Conference and Events office start organising a term's public lectures early in the previous term. If your event is accepted then our office will organise and advertise your event. Your department will be asked to contribute a proportion of the actual costs incurred, currently 65%. This allows our office to assist as many departments as possible with their public events. Without such contributions we would have to severely limit the number of events we organised. Please note, as our resources are limited, we would usually only accept events for over 200 people.

For further information please view the application form.

Please note the first step in planning an event is always to secure a venue, if you have not done so already please contact| with your request.

Not all submitted requests are taken on as part of the PLP but that does not stop the event going ahead as a departmental event. While the organisation of the event and the costs incurred would need to be arranged and covered by the department, the Conference and Events Office is always happy to answer questions and give advice. You can contact Louise Gaskell or Alan Revel at|. Most of the information you need can also be found on this website. The Conference and Events Office will give quotes for taking on an event which is not part of the PLP, although this is dependent on whether the time and resources are available to do so. The price would depend on the scale of the event and exactly what was being requested.

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