Motion Picture Licence

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 permits the School to show films for education purposes.  This right is generally defined as the screening of films to our staff and students for the purposes of instruction, or criticism and review.  You should note that this right is subject to a test of ‘fair dealing’, which is designed to protect the Copyright Holder’s economic interests in a film.  Therefore, the continual showing of, and profit from, a film is unlikely to be lawful, because it would be seen to be an unfair exploitation of the Copyright Holder.

The School holds a Motion Picture Licence to enable it – as the ‘Licensee’ – to show films for entertainment, or non-educational, purposes.  You must note, however, that this Licence is subject to limitations.  For example, the list of film production companies which sign-up to the Motion Picture Licensing Company scheme is not exhaustive.  You should therefore check whether production companies of the film/s which you want to show are covered on the list at:|.  Other key points to note are that the Licence does not permit film screenings to members of the public; films must be shown to LSE staff and students only.  Films should also be shown on LSE premises, free of charge and in no way edited or duplicated.  We must put in place (& pay for) a separate licence if a film show falls outside the remit of the Motion Picture Licence.

You can contact Kevin Haynes on| or extension 7823) if you have any questions.