Leaving functions

Current Guidelines

The current guidelines on hospitality to mark the retirement or resignation of administrative staff within the central administration are as follows:

For administrative staff a contribution made from School hospitality funds for an event to mark their retirement or resignation will be related to their length of service:

Staff retiring with a minimum of 5 years service £90

Staff resigning with a minimum of 5 years service £70

Staff retiring with a minimum of 10 years service £170

Staff resigning with a minimum of 10 years service £120

For staff on bands 8 and 9 who retire or resign the above should be regarded as a baseline, with discretion for special arrangements to be made in accordance with the individual's formal role in the School, which might involve contacts with a broad range of individuals within and outside the School and his/her contribution to the life and work of the School;

For senior administrative staff (on bands 8 or 9) who retire or resign after 3 years service but with less that 5 years service, a contribution of £50 may be made to any divisional or office party at the Secretary and Director of Administration's discretion;

For other members of the non-academic staff who retire or resign within five years of appointment any event to mark their departure is a matter for the division or office concerned.

To confirm you or a member of your team are eligible please email conferences@lse.ac.uk|.

Please note that when you submit your claim to the finance division in order to comply with the School's financial guidelines you will need to provide them with a list of those who attending the leaving function.


If you have any questions regarding leaving functions email conferences@lse.ac.uk|.

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