The Electronic Screens

The 'daily list' screen

It's important that the Conference and Events Office have the correct title and speaker information on your event. This is partly so that we can deal with any phone enquiries we get

Mostly however it is because the screens at entrances to major buildings show that all that day's events. This information is taken from our booking diary and is the information that you submit when you make your room booking via LSE for You. All bookings automatically go up on this screen on the day of the event if we have information on them (unless you specifically request otherwise). These screens are where people turning up at the School look first to find the location of the event they have come for. Having an accurate title (i.e. the same one as you used to advertise the event) makes it far easier for them to find their event. What often happens is that somebody will turn up just knowing the title of the lecture or the speaker's name but if we don't have this information we just have 'such and such' department seminar. If they don't match the two together they may not realise that yours is the particular event they are after. These sort of vague titles usually occur when a room is booked early on in the planning of event (when the title is not yet known).

When the title and speaker are finalised it is important to let us know if you didn't when you made the booking. If you submit your event for listing via the Send us details of your forthcoming events| form on the events website, then we will automatically update our booking as your listing request is processed if the details are different. A lot of people use the five-day reminder as a convenient way of ensuring we have the correct booking information. When this comes through if details are incorrect or out of date (department lecture title TBC is a common one) then just reply to the reminder with the correct title and the names of the speakers.

The 'advert' screen

The second screen contains plugs for upcoming major events. These are all large, open, events that would be of interest to the general public. Typically they are School public lectures. Events for the screens are selected by the Security office from listings on the Events website. (To get your event on the Events website you need to fill out the online form - see Send us details of your forthcoming events|.) If your event is selected for the screens it will usually only go up for a few days, typically in the run up to the event. The security office try to change the information on the screens regularly to keep peoples' interest. Requests for the screens greatly outnumber the space available so it is not always possible for your event to be screened on the plasma screens.


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