Electricians and access to the lighting board

(Read this if your event is a show in the Old Theatre).

Over the summer of 2012 the School in conjunction with the Students Union worked together to arrange the funding for, and installation of an upgraded lighting system in the Old Theatre.

If you are having an entertainment event (a play, dance show etc.) and you wish to use this system there are several steps you will need to complete.

You will need to arrange in advance to get members of your society trained to use the new lighting board, which controls the lights. This needs to be arranged via the Students Union. Please view the LSESU How to Guide| on this (you will have scroll down the page to the Old Theatre equipment section). Please arrange this asap, do not leave this till the last minute.

Once members of your society have been trained on how to use the lighting board you will be able to then use the lighting system in the Old Theatre at your rehearsals and at your show but you will need to arrange to get the key from the Students Union, this needs to be arranged with Iain Pullar from the SU. You will also need to arrange for the system to be switched on, on each date and time you wish to use it. The system is switched on by an LSE electrician. This needs to be arranged by your society.

Procedure for arranging for the lighting system to be made active.

Advise the Conference office emailing conferences@lse.ac.uk| with the date and time of your rehearsal/s and show/s 

  • You need to give at least three working days notice.
  • We then send an 'lighting board request form' on your behalf to the estates office and we copy this form to you.
  • The estates office will send an email (to Conferences) confirming this is ok OR will advise if there are any problems with this request.

Please note that organisers are not allowed to arrange for extra equipment to be added to the existing lighting rig in the Old Theatre, or to bring in any free standing lighting equipment into this venue, or any other venue on the School premises.

When you arrange for an LSE electrician to switch on the lighting system, they will just switch the power to the system on and then off again at their end of the booking or at the end of their shift (please note their working hours below). Please note with this arrangement the electrician has not been booked to cover your event, you are just arranging for them to give you access to the lighting system, they have a basic knowledge of the lighting board but are not regular users so are unlikely to be able to assist in the working of the lighting board.

For those users who have simple lighting needs, there are some basic pre set lighting setting programmed into the pre set panel on the wall near the lighting board. Users can get the key for this pre set panel from Iain Pullar. Again to use the pre set light panel you do need to arrange to get the lighting system switched on as detailed above.

If you wish to change the angles of the lights, colour filters on the lights, or make any other changes to the existing lighting rig all of this work has to be done by an LSE electrician. LSE students, staff or anyone from outside the School are not permitted to interfere with the lighting rig for a variety of reasons. To arrange for these types of changes, an LSE electrician needs to be specifically booked to do this work, for which there may be a cost depending on when the work would be done. It would normally take 2-3 hours for this work to be done, as special scaffolding needs to be put up to give the electrician safe access to the lighting rig. If this work has to be done outside of normal working hours, they is likely to be a cost for this service. The requirement for this type of work should be much reduced given the functions of the new lights installed.


  • Monday to Friday in term time: there is no charge for arranging the lighting system to be switched on between 0800 and 2300, as there is an LSE electrician on site in between these times. Please be aware that the electrician will switch off the lighting system at 2245. If the electrician gets called to, or is working on an emergency, you will have to wait until the emergency work has been completed.
  • At weekends there is not automatically an LSE electrician on the campus. The best option to avoid any cost is to arrange for an LSE electrician to set up the lighting board on Friday evening and then you would need to collect it from (and return it to) the Old Building reception later the same day, it should never be taken off campus overnight. Your society would be responsible for the lighting board and it is therefore advisable that once the booking is confirmed to contact the Senior Maintenance Supervisor via Estates Help Desk  (estates-help-desk@lse.ac.uk) to ensure you know how to plug the board in.

        Alternatively for a weekend booking - you can also:

  1. Check with the Senior Maintenance Supervisor by contacting Estates Help Desk on the Thursday prior to the weekend if there are any maintenance staff working on Saturday.
  2. Request for an Electrician to work Saturday/Sunday to cover your event - however this is a request only. If successful your society will be charged for this cover. Before processing your order we will check with the Students' Union that you have the funds in your account to meet the charge. On Saturdays the charge is up to £22.94 per hour. The time of your booking is that from which you need lighting available till that at which you cease to need lights available. You can't order someone to come in for half and hour to set up then come in for another half hour later that evening to pack up. On a Sunday the charge is up to £30.58 per hour for the times booked subject to a minimum call out of seven hours.

Cancelling electricians

To cancel an electrician inform Conference and Estates in writing (by emailing conferences@lse.ac.uk| , cc'ed to Estates Help Desk (estates-help-desk@lse.ac.uk|) at least 48 hours before the event. Failure to cancel a booked electrician for an event that does not go ahead will result in the full cost of the electricians time being charged to the society, even if the event was on a Monday to Friday and otherwise would not have been chargeable. PS: Why do we say 'up to £x per hour'? The cost varies according to which electrician actually does the overtime and what grade they are on. The price given assumes the highest graded electrician carries out the work, if it is not him then it works out cheaper.  

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