Booking a Room

The standard procedure for booking a room is to use the 'room bookings' section in LSE for you. You simply log into LSE for you as you would log into your PC with your usual username and password.

Once you have logged in you should have the option of 'room bookings'. If this option is not there then this probably means that you have not been set up as a contact on the bookings database. If this is the case then simply send an email to| which contains, your name, department and your staff number (the number on the top left hand of your staff card beside you photo) and the Conference Office will set you up as a contact. This should take no longer than 24 hours. For those who are students (and have ug or pgt in their email address) but are also staff at the School this email needs to be sent to us by your line manager who needs to confirm you need to have room booking priviledges as part of your job.

To check if you qualify to get room booking privileges please look at Booking a Room|.

Once you are in 'room bookings' then click on 'request a room' and follow the procedure through. Here is some information about the system:

  • The system is designed to allocate the most suitable sized rooms. If you say that 10 people will attend your event then the system will automatically disregard much bigger rooms such as the Old Theatre or even rooms with a capacity of 40 or above, and not give you them as an option. In the same way, the system will not bring up rooms which have a lower capacity than the number of people you say are attending.
  • We ask people to enter the length of time they want a room for, rather than the actual time they want it to start, as at busy times of the year such as in term time a significant percentage of peoples requests cannot be met. Therefore the system will bring up rooms that are free for the length of time that the event will take, if there is one free for the exact time you want it, then you can go ahead and book it. If there is nothing available for your first choice time, then the system will also be showing you alternatives.
  • If you are trying to make multiple bookings for a series of meetings, and no room comes up as free, then this does not mean no rooms are free, but just means the same room is not free on all those occasions. You could therefore make several individual bookings.
  • When you are looking at the rooms that are free, if you click on the room number then this will give you more information about the room such as a room plan, a photo and a full list of the AV equipment available.
  • When filling in the title of the event please follow the examples given. The title that you enter is what will appear on the 'daily list' screens around the School and on the web so please be as accurate as possible especially if you have guests from outside LSE attending your event.
  • Once you have completed this procedure then you will have made a provisional booking. The Conference Office will check you booking and you should receive a confirmation within 4 working hours.

Please refer to LSE's Room Usage Policy| for further information on room bookings.

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