Buying badges or nameplates

The Conference Office can provide badges and nameplates for your event. Badges are useful at large conferences with many delegates, they come with both a clip and a pin. Nameplates are useful for identifying speakers or for a sit-down committee meeting.

Please read the following information for details on requesting badges or nameplates for your event -

  • We require at least five working days' notice to provide this service
  • We can supply either nameplates (to place on tables) or name badges (to wear)
  • We have computerised badge software, which enables us to provide a faster, more efficient service
  • We have a minimum order requirement, you must order a minimum of 20 badges and/or 10 nameplates at one time
  • Please ensure that you have all delegates names before your order is submitted to Conferences
  • Blank badges and nameplates can be provided, however these are still charged at the usual rates
  • We will need an account code from you for the bill before the badges/nameplates can be produced.
  • If you do have any special requests, please contact the Conference Office in order to discuss them.

Requests should be received via email. You need to fill in a Badge/Nameplate Request Form| and also send the following to|.

A 'Notepad' .txt file listing names and organisations in this format:

"Name 1","Organisation 1",""
"Name 2","Organisation 2",""
"Name 3","Organisation3",""

Please note that the punctuation is important, since it enables the computer to recognise the difference between different lines and different badges/nameplates.

The above data would produce badges/nameplates as follows:

Name 1
Organisation 1
Name 2
Organisation 2
Name 3
Organisations 3

It is also possible to have three lines on a badge (nameplates can only have two lines), although this will necessitate a smaller font in order to fit the lines into the limited space. If three lines are required, the data should be arranged as follows:

"Name","Job Title","Organisation",""


To help to cover the costs incurred in producing the badges/nameplates we charge the following.  Please note, prices have increased as of November 2012 due to increase in charges from our suppliers-


Type Number in Batch Price Per Badge
To Hire 1-20 2.50
21-51 2.00 
51+ 1.50
To Buy 1-20 3.50
21-51 3.50
51+ 3.50
Unreturned (extra charge) 1-20 1.00
21-51 1.50 
51+ 2.00


Type Number in Batch Price Per Nameplate
To Hire 1-20 4.00 
21-51 3.50 
51+ 3.00 
To Buy 1-20 9.00 
21-51 9.00 
51+ 9.00 
Unreturned (extra charge) 1-20 5.00 
21-51 5.50 
51+ 6.00 

After the event has taken place we will send you an IDN (Internal Debit Note) this will transfer automatically from the account code you give to us after 14 days unless the bill is queried.

Badge/Nameplates Hints and Tips

  • You might like to encourage your delegates to recycle their badges by returning them at the end of the function.
  • It's always good to have a few spare blank badges, this takes name errors and extra (or late registering) delegates into account

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