Atrium (Student Services Centre)

  • It is possible to book the Atrium, within the Student Services Centre (SSC), for evening and weekend events. The Atrium can be used for receptions and exhibitions as well as a registration venue for conferences.
  • You can book this venue by sending an email to This venue is available on weeknights for events starting at 6.30pm or later and all day at weekends.  There are various times during the year when events can only start later so please check this at time of booking. It may not be possible to hold an event at short notice so please provide the Conference Office with as much notice as possible.

Atrium Booking Conditions

The Student Services Centre is a working environment that is also used by current and future students. The following conditions apply to ensure there is no disruption to this environment -

  • it is catered for exclusively by LSE Central Catering
  • can cater for up to 225 people
  • menu offered by Catering is restricted
  • no set-up work can begin before 6:00pm (or later on various dates), which means the earliest a reception can start is 6.30pm. 
  • if your event is a reception, it is compulsory that you have two stewards to steward your event, in order to set up and clear away the tables for catering, the cost of this is passed onto the department hosting the event.  Steward Information and Request Form
  • if your event causes extra cleaning, you will be sent a bill for the extra cleaning
  • no one (either from LSE or from external bodies) should go behind the SSC counter or into any other unauthorised areas
  • all furniture moved into the Atrium must be removed on the night of the event, or it is arranged that it removed by the porters before the start of the following working day (9.30am)
  • you must ensure that there is removal of any rubbish or any other items that were not in the venue before your event
  • you need to leave the venue in the same state that you found it, with tensor barriers returned to their original position

If any of these conditions are not met, then you and your department/society may be banned from booking the Atrium on future occasions.

Catering Information

The venue is catered for exclusively by LSE Central Catering and the venue is licensed allowing for the serving of alcohol. 

  • The maximum number of people that can be hosted in this venue is 225. 
  • LSE Catering can provide any of their wines, mineral water and fruit juice with receptions (excludes beers and spirits).
  • Please note that all prices exclude VAT and that a surcharge will be made for all orders for less than 30 people.
  • LSE Catering will discuss other requests with regard to different menus on an individual basis - contact Angelique Charalambous: email or phone 020 7955 7222.

Conference Office Requirements for a Catered Event

If you are having a catered event then the following conditions also need to be met:

  • Your department/society will cover the costs of the set up of the Atrium by Conference & Events Office stewards.  
  • Two stewards are required to work at your event.  They will set up and take down the catering tables and ensure all catering equipment is returned to Central Catering. Normally the tables need to be set up one hour before the event starts.  They will also ensure that the tensor barriers are returned to their proper position.  During the event they will be on the door so you can utilise them to check tickets, register guests, etc.
  • When your Atrium booking is confirmed, please email with the following information:
    • Event start time
    • Room booking start time
    • Budget code
      The Conference office will then confirm two stewards will be booked for your event.

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