Conference and Events Office website feedback

Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback, if possible please submit your feedback by Friday 1 August.

  • Name
  • 1. Did you know how to find the conference and events internal homepage? (not the diary and events page)
  • 2. Have you ever looked through the information available on the site before?
  • 3. Do you find the current navigation options (by topic/A-Z list) user friendly?
  • 4. What do you usually go to the site for?
  • 5. Would you find the following information useful?
  • 7. When using our services (for example – steward hire) do you read the information regarding the service being requested?
  • 8. Which quick links/topics would you find most useful to have on our homepage?
  • 9. If we make improvements to the site based on this feedback, do you think you would use it more frequently?