SU Society Room Booking Agreement

Room Booking Agreement between LSE Student Union Societies and LSE Conference & Events Office

The Undersigned Officers of the LSE SU Society hereby agree that:

1. All SU society events are by default organised for the principal benefit of society members and the wider LSE student and staff community.

2. External organisations that wish to run events at LSE are expected to pay room hire charges and should contact| themselves to make arrangements. If societies are approached by external organisations and asked to secure space at the School, they will direct the organisation to LSE event services.

3. If a society is unclear on the status of an event they will email| for advice.

4. No individual or society will book space on behalf of other individuals or societies who have had their booking privileges withdrawn.

5. Employer recruitment presentations, where a recruiter presents on the roles they offer and how to apply for them, are commercial bookings and will only be arranged through the LSE Careers Service (| 020 7955 7135). Societies may not hold their own careers fairs. Further information  here|. Societies may however organise careers-related events aimed at developing skills – such as sessions on 'how to improve your negotiation skills' – and panel forums with members of a particular industry (who must not all be from one organisation).

6.  Societies must familiarise themselves with and implement the guidance located here|. This covers the full range of issues from how to ensure freedom of speech within the law, through risk assessment and security and on to practical matters before, during and after events. Note in particular the requirement to provide full information at least 10 working days before the event, with bookings automatically cancelled if all requested information is not provided.

7. Societies are part of the SU, not the LSE. Societies will not refer to themselves as representative of the School in any other way than as a society of the SU. Societies are expressly forbidden from referring to themselves as LSE departments, organisations or services and from using any LSE branding. They will not use the LSE logo, or describe themselves anywhere (including on the society website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter) as the LSE xxxxx Society (as opposed to the LSESU xxxxx Society, which is the proper form). For further information see Guidance for SU societies| (pdf).

8. Societies will not overbook space by booking venues which are too big for an event or which use more rooms than required, and will cancel all room bookings which are no longer required via the online booking system or by emailing|

9. Only the persons who have signed this form will book or cancel rooms for this society. The Officers will not allow any other person to impersonate them for these purposes.

10. Societies will prevent overcrowding of venues, either by operating some sort of ticketing system or by employing stewards (at least one per fire exit).The capacity of each venue is its number of seats; standing, or sitting on floors or stairs, is not allowed, for safety reasons. Stewards will be aware of all fire exits in the venue and the relevant evacuation assembly point. Information about the organisation of events| is available.

11. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.

12. Societies will not use any room that they have not booked.

14. Societies are not allowed to bring any electrical equipment such as amplification and sound systems, lighting rigs etc into School premises including in the Old Theatre. The only equipment that can be used in LSE venues, is that which is already present in rooms. Societies should view Terms of use of LSE venues and event safety| for more information.

15. Societies need to book the green room of the Old Theatre if they wish to use it. The green room cannot automatically be used just because the Old Theatre has been booked. The conditions of use of the green room and information on how to book this venue can be found at Old Theatre green room|.

16. Societies will not play any music or generate any excessive noise in any classroom or lecture theatre before 6pm weekdays. Any music to be played after 6pm will be done so in a way which does not disturb events in nearby rooms, either offices or classrooms.

17.  Societies will look to book Parish Hall, the Old Gym, rooms in the SSH student centre or a selection of allocated teaching rooms via the students union for rehearsals/sporting or physical type activities. Societies are not allowed to book rooms via the online room bookings system for these types of activities. More information about this can be found at usage of teaching rooms|.

18. The Conference and Events office will organise three training and information sessions at the start of each academic year. Each society officer with room booking privileges will attend one of these sessions. Any officer who has not attended a session will have their room booking privileges withdrawn, and will not get them back until they have attended the next training session.

The room booking talks for the start of the 2014-15 academic year will be held on:

Wednesday 8 October, 4-5pm, New Theatre, East Building 
Thursday 16 October, 1-2pm, TW1 G.01
Monday 20 October, 2-3pm, TW1 G.01
Tuesday 28 October, 1-2pm, CLM 5.02
Thursday 13 November, 1-2pm, TW1 G.01

If the Society breaks any of the conditions set out above, it or its individual officers will have any existing bookings cancelled and room booking privileges withdrawn for a period of up to eight weeks. Also, if it has enabled an outside organisation to use space which should be chargeable (para 2), it will be liable for the lost hire fee. As an example, the commercial cost of hiring the Old Theatre for an evening is £1030.

The LSE Conference Office agrees to:

-Provide a response to a room booking request via LSE for You within one working day

- Respond to email queries within three working days

- Ensure that the most suitable available room for an event is provided

Please read before completing the form:

Only complete this agreement form with details of the officers of the society who are going to be in place for the 2014-15 academic year. See Student Societies| for more information.

You need to complete the details below for the three society officers who will have access to book rooms.

You should complete your full society name and generic email address (e.g.|).

Please supply the full weblink to the society website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Students should provide their LSE email address below.

Your student ID number is the number that appears on the top left hand side of your ID card (example 200900000).

Please note that when completing this form, your details will be sent to the other society officers completing the form. If there are any issues with this please email|.

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