Old Theatre Green Room

As part of the refurbishment of the Old Building main entrance, the green room of the Old Theatre has been expanded and refurbished.

This venue can be booked via conferences as a green room for events in the Old Theatre, and so can only be booked at the same time as your booking for the Old Theatre.

To book the venue please email conferences@lse.ac.uk| with the date and time of your booking of the Old Theatre.

Conditions of Use

The conditions of use of this room are as follows:

• No food or drink (other than bottled water) should be taken into the green room.
• No furniture from the room can be removed from the room (even for use on the stage of the Old Theatre).
• No extra furniture should be brought into the room.
• The room should be left in its standard set up (please see diagram below).
• No posters or anything else should be stuck onto the walls of the room.
• The room should be locked (both entrance doors closed) when use of the room has ended.

Please note that if anything which does not belong in the room is left there, the cleaners are under instruction to remove it and treat it as rubbish. The School takes no responsibility for any items which are disposed of.

If any furniture is found missing the user of the room will be charged for the replacement of that furniture.

If any extra cleaning is required, this cost will be passed to the user.

SU student societies found to have broken the conditions of use may lose their room booking privileges for up to 8 weeks, may not be allowed to the green room in the future, and may have existing room bookings cancelled.

Other users who have found to have broken the rules may not be allowed to book the room on future occasions.

Confirmed bookings of the green room will appear on the daily list.| LSE security at the reception desk of the Old Building can open the room at the start of the booking period.

Green Room Furniture set up

The Green Room must be returned to its original standard set up up once your booking has finished.  A diagram of the standard Green Room set up can be seen here:

Standard Set up (pdf)|

A diagram can also be seen of the alternative set up for the Green Room, appropriate for interviews.  Again, the furniture must be returned to the Standard set up afterwards, please allow yourself time for this.

Alternative Set up (pdf)|