NAB Lower Ground Floor Area

The Lower Ground Floor area of the New Academic Building is a useful space for drinks receptions, registration for conferences or book stalls associated with events taking place in the Lower Ground floor theatres.  The space must be booked in advance through the Conference Office (|).  It can only be booked if you have one of the lecture theatres on the Lower Ground floor booked for your event, and its availability will depend on what else is taking place in the area at the same time. Please do not assume that you will be able to use the space if you have one (or more) of the LG theatres booked, this may not be the case.

The LG Area must be fully serviced by LSE Catering Services|, it is not permitted to bring in outside catering.

Please note, booking the space does not give you exclusive access to the area. It is a communal area, heavily used by students and accessed by those using other theatres. You should bear this in mind when planning any events. For catered events, you may wish to have staff on hand to ensure that the right people are making use of your catering, alternatively you can hire LSE Conference Office stewards| to cordon off an area.

Any displays or other materials set up in the LG area during your event must be removed by the end of your booking.

For information about the use of the cloakroom please see NAB Cloakroom|.