LSE and Sciences Po

LSE and Sciences Po| in Paris, are natural partners in Europe focussing on teaching and research in the Social Sciences. Collaboration between LSE and Sciences Po has developed and intensified over the past 10 years and includes teaching, research and networking activities. The list below gives further information on the various collaborative activities: 


LSE - Sciences Po Faculty Mobility Scheme

 LSE and Sciences Po are seeking to expand their long-term academic collaboration with an annual Faculty Mobility Scheme.   Arrangements for a third wave of visiting faculty in the 2014/15 academic year are highlighted below.

The Scheme will enable faculty to spend at least a month in a host department (or unit) at the other institution in order to:

  • engage with students through a meaningful teaching commitment that meets a need in the host department;
  • foster networks between colleagues at their home and host departments (or institutions);
  • serve wider departmental and/or institutional interests where possible.

To maximise flexibility, the scheme has been designed with the following two modes for faculty mobility:

  • Mode A: Shorter visits of 1 month, whereby visiting faculty will deliver at least 8 hours of teaching (or a short course) and spend at least 4 hours with PhD students;
  • Mode B: Longer visits of 3 months, whereby visiting faculty will deliver at least 20 hours of teaching, spend at least 10 hours with PhD students and deliver a departmental or public lecture.

LSE and Sciences Po will each fund one Mode A and one Mode B visit during the September 2014 to June 2014 period.  Participants will continue to receive their normal salary and a travel grant from their home institution. They will also receive a subsistence allowance or salary from the host institution. For full details of the faculty mobility scheme including application procedures and salary supplement information, please click here|. The deadline for applications is: 5pm on Wednesday 7 May 2014.

Enquiries from interested LSE faculty members should be directed to Mark Maloney, Head of Academic Partnerships via e-mail:|

LSE-Sciences Po Undergraduate Exchange

 LSE and Sciences Po launched an Undergraduate Exchange Scheme that started in the 2011-12 academic year.  This newly developed student mobility scheme enable up to 10 undergraduate students from each institution to study at the other for one academic year thus enhancing their study experience and potential career prospects.  For LSE students the year at Sciences Po is in addition to the requirements of their LSE award.  For further information please click here|


Double-degree Master's programmes

The Double Degree in Affaires Internationales and International Relations or International Political Economy| was launched in 2004/05. Students spend Year 1 studying the Master Affaires Internationales  at Sciences Po in Paris and Year 2 studying one of two MSc programmes (International Relations or International Political Economy) at LSE's Department of International Relations| in London.

The Double Degree in Urban Policy| was launched in 2005/6. Students spend Year 1 studying the Master en Stratégies Territoriales et Urbaines at Sciences Po in Paris and Year 2 studying one of three MSc programmes (Local Economic Development; Urbanisation and Development; or Regional and Urban Planning Studies) at LSE's Department of Geography and Environment| in London.

The Double Degree in European Studies| was launched in 2007/08. Students spend Year 1 at Sciences Po in Paris and Year 2 studying one of three MSc programmes (European Studies: Ideas and Identities; European Political Economy; or Politics and Government in the European Union) at LSE's European Institute |in London.

The Double Masters in Public Administration (MPA)| with Sciences Po was launched in 2005/06. Students follow Year 1 of the MPA programme at LSE in London and Year 2 of the Masters in Public Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris.


Faculty Exchange

The LSE-Sciences Po Alliance Professor post, funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, served to further develop the successful working relationship between the two institutions.

The first post-holder, Christian Lequesne, was based in the LSE's European Institute from September 2006 until August 2008. The second post-holder, Marie Mendras, was based in the LSE's Government Department from October 2008 until January 2010.

While funding for this post has now ended, both sides are looking to establish new ways to enable faculty to move between the two institutions.


LSE and Sciences Po faculty are eligible to apply jointly for "seed funds" for innovative proposals which are likely to secure further external funding within a realistic time frame. The Seed Fund operates on the basis of an open call for proposals with permanent members of faculty free to submit proposals in any field or interdisciplinary initiative. Applications will be considered by the LSE Research Committee. For more information click here|.



The Franco-British Europe Dialogue lecture series is organised by LSE European Institute and Sciences Po, Paris and sponsored by the French Embassy in London. Details of the current lecture series can be found by clicking EI-Sciences Po Lecture Series.|  Details of previous lectures can be found by clicking here|.