LSE Graduation in China

LSE has held graduation ceremonies in China since 2010. Students who have completed a degree programme at LSE are eligible to attend these presentation ceremonies. Registration in advance is required with LSE Ceremonies. On 15 August 2013, LSE will hold its 4th Graduation Ceremony| in Beijing. 


The 2012 LSE China Graduation Ceremony was held at the Hilton Hotel on 9 August, hosted by LSE Pro-Director, Prof. Stuart Corbridge, and attended by LSE faculty - Prof. Danny Quah (economics); Prof. Mick Cox (international relations); Prof. Colin Lewis (economic history); Dr. Kent Deng (economic history); Dr. Jeff Chwieroth (international relations); Dr. Meng Bingchun (media and communications). LSE alumni, Prof. Li Qiang, Assistant President at Peking University also attened and addressed the audience. Photo highlights below.

Danny Quah
Danny Quah