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As an internationally renowned institution for the social sciences, LSE is committed to institutional and intellectual engagement around the world. With developments continuing apace in China, it remains central to LSE's mission to seek closer ties with Chinese academic institutions and the Chinese people for mutual benefit.

Research Opportunities

March 2014 - Fudan University has launched a new Visiting Fellows programme| open to LSE faculty and students.

Upcoming events

August-September - China - Preparing to start your studies at LSE. Congratulations! Now check to see if there is a pre-departure event near you.|

Recent news and events

18 August 2014 - Beijing - LSE held its 2014 annual China Conference|.

27 May - Shanghai & 29 May - Beijing - Prof. Tim Allen, Head of Dept. of International Development, LSE discusses on War and Justice in Africa|.

22 April 2014 - Beijing - Prof. Paul Kelly, LSE Pro-Director, speaks to LSE alumni and friends| in Beijing on issues of sovereignty and nationalism in Crimea and Scotland.

17 April 2014 - Shanghai - Prof. Simona Iammarino, Head of LSE Dept. of Geography and Environment will deliver a lecture in Shanghai on Multinational Enterprises, Innovation & Geography|.

2 April 2014 - Chengdu - LSE alumni chapter hosts its first talk in the LSE China Lecture Series|.

22 February 2014 - Chongqing - New and old LSE alumni welcome to a get-together in Chongqing|.

5 February 2014 - Nanjing - All LSE alumni in Nanjing are invited to attend the first group meeting| on 5 February.

26 January 2014 - Chengdu - Launch meeting for LSE alumni in Chengdu|, all alumni welcome.

18 January 2014 - Shenzhen - All LSE alumni in Shenzhen are invited to attend the first group meeting on 18 January|.

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