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External Relations Division
Third and fourth floors, Tower Three
Houghton Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7060

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Headed by Adrian Thomas, LSE Communications consists of Corporate Publications, Design, Digital, Online Video, Photography and Press and Information. Communications is part of the External Relations Division|.

Communications strategically coordinates external and internal communications and brand protection, and advises the School on appropriate ways to communicate to its various audiences. The Communications teams work together to increase the impact of LSE and its work on the outside world, to the benefit of the whole LSE community. We produce professional communications in a range of mediums - from print to the web and from online videos to plasma screens - for LSE's corporate divisions, academic departments, research centres and individual academics.


Corporate Publications|

Fiona Whiteman is the Production Editor. Communications produces a wide range of corporate publications, from the alumni magazine to brochures and the small red profile book LSE in Short, and works with the Academic Registrar's Division to produce the printed Undergraduate and Graduate Prospectuses.

Design Unit  |

Claire Harrison heads the Design Unit. The Design Unit offers a wide range of graphic design solutions used in print and they work with the web team designing LSE's online media. The team also offers a Cartography service.

Digital Communications|

Digital Communications incorporates rich media and the media studio.

Online Video|

Dr Jon Adams is the Online Video Producer. The production of online videos showcases research and other aspects of School life.


Nigel Stead is School Photographer. He takes pictures of LSE events and activities, staff and residences for LSE publications and digital media and maintains a School image bank of around 6,000 School photographs of events and the campus.

Press and Information|

Danny O'Connor heads the Press and Information Office, which has a strategic role in handling media relations, internal communications and supporting media training.