Our teams

Alumni Relations
The Alumni Relations team facilitates the link between over 122,000 alumni worldwide and the School. Through a programme of activities and support of over 80 international and special interest groups we keep alumni connected with the School and each other.

Annual Fund
The Annual Fund team raises unrestricted funds for LSE, enabling us to support the changing needs of the School.

The Communications team provides communications and marketing support to the Alumni Relations, Annual Fund, Foundation Partnerships, and Major Gifts teams.

Donations Acceptance Team
Ensures that both the source and purpose of each major gift donation has been appropriately approved by the School in accordance with the Policy and the School’s Procedures for the Ethical Review of Grants and Donations. 

Donor Relations
The Donor Relations team works to develop and improve stewardship and events for the School’s key fundraising priorities, ensuring donors remain engaged with the School before, during and after the life of their gift. 

The Finance team manages the processing and recording of donations to LSE and provides financial stewardship to donors and administrative and academic departments across the School.

Foundation and Business Partnerships
The Foundation and Business Partnerships team build upon LSE's long history of partnering with charitable trusts and organisations from around the world on developing proposals to secure support for institutional projects.

Major Gifts
The Major Gifts team raises funds for School priorities. Projects with funding needs are matched with the philanthropic interests of potential donors.

The Research team has three main aims: to identify, profile, and track individuals, companies and foundations who have the capacity to make a major gift to the School.

The Systems team manages a large database to ensure that alumni data is accurately and securely held and provides reporting, development and project management for the office.