Contacts for Support Departments

The Development Team| (Dev) works with departments and centres who identify fundraising needs to us. They assess if the need supports the School’s priorities and whether it is deliverable for fundraising , then work to identify individuals who have philanthropic interests that match the fundraising need.

For all Development team queries, please contact|

The Foundation Partnership Team| (FP) works with departments and centres to identify key projects and priorities for funding, matching these needs with foundations and applying accordingly through proactively developing relationships with foundations as well as responding to calls for proposals. 

If no individual is listed below for FP, please contact|
The Alumni Relations Team| (AR) is able to assist departments that wish to engage with their alumni community, inviting them to reconnect with the department and the School. We are able to advise on ways you may wish to reach your alumni and involve them in your growing community of alumni and students.
If no individual is listed below for AR, please contact| 

Careers Service

Karen Lippoldt| - AR

Susan Quach| - AR

Communications Division 
Karen Lippoldt| - AR

Conferences and events

Susan Quach| - AR 

Samira Mezroui  |- FP

Finance Division| - AR

Financial Support Office
Diane Bond| - general
Samira Mezroui  |- FP

Karen Lippoldt| - AR 

Human Resources| - AR

IMT/LSE For You| - AR

Library and Archives
Susan Quach| - AR
Samira Mezroui  |- FP

Research Division| - AR

Student Recruitment/ARD
Elinor Hatt| - AR