Maximise Your Potential

Maximise Your Potential is an intensive two-week programme, held after the summer exams, that gives LSE undergraduates opportunities to develop skills in many areas. Recruitment for the 2013 programme will begin during Lent Term, but for a taster of last year's activities read on ...

Careers Insights

One-to-one and group-based activities designed for you to

  • find the 'right' job or career move
  • receive coaching and feedback from advisers on personal impact, communication and networking
  • develop, assess and critically evaluate your job search strategy


An opportunity to take part in an original social science research project! Working in small, indisciplinary and mixed-year groups, you will work up a research question, do fieldwork, write a research paper and give a presentation at a closing conference ... Find out more at our LSE GROUPS| page.

Peer Support

A chance to receive free training from LSE's Student Counselling Service in listening, questioning and responding skills, enabling you to provide emotional support to other students. Students who successfully completed training in 2012 were given a guaranteed offer of accommodation in one of LSE's Halls of Residence. Read more about Peer Support|.


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