The LSE Volunteer Centre is very proud of the number of students that volunteer during their time at LSE. Students tell us that the main reason holding them back from volunteering is that they don't feel they have enough time to commit to regular volunteering whilst successfully completing their studies. As a result, this term we've expanded our range of one-off volunteering opportunities to include opportunities that take one hour or less.

We are launching this opportunities as part of the #JustOneHour campaign during LSE Student Volunteering Week 2017.

Opportunities lasting an hour or less

  • Help set up boxes in your halls to recycle food for FoodCycle on 12 March or 23 March

Other volunteering opportunities

This list is just the beginning when it comes to quick and easy volunteering opportunities! Many charities and non-profit organisations are now creating many more similar volunteering opportunities  to fit more easily into our daily lives. A quick search for volunteering opportunities on CareerHub will allow you to see all the opportunities we have available if none of the above interest you. We hope you consider volunteering. Remember, it takes #JustOneHour to make a difference!