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LSE Volunteer Centre

Welcome to the LSE Volunteer Centre (part of LSE Careers|).

We are here to help LSE students find a volunteering placement at a charity or not-for-profit organisation during your time studying at LSE. We can offer a range of volunteering opportunities for students to get involved in whether they have one hour or two days a week to spare.

We can offer a wealth of advice on volunteering in London and internationally and how you can make the best use of your opportunities to make a difference in the world and help gain new skills for your future careers.

Make volunteering your New Year's resolution|

SNAPSHOTS: Experiences from Bangladesh

Suyin Haynes is a second year student studying for a BSc International Relations and History. During the summer of 2014, she volunteered with Y Care International on the International Citizenship Service programme in Bangladesh:

Over the summer of 2014, I took part in International Citizen Service with Y Care International – a DfID scheme that partners up UK volunteers with charities on placements abroad.  Before I left, I was a strange combination of excited and nervous to say the least, but the experience was one that has definitely left a profound impact on my life and my attitude to the world around me.  On my placement, I lived and worked in Bogra, a small town in northern Bangladesh, with the local YMCA and their development projects there for 10 ten weeks. The projects that we worked on ended up being hugely varied; from assisting in slum schools to discussions at womens’ microcredit groups, sharing experiences with young Bangladeshi volunteers to distributing flood relief packages – it is safe to say that no two days over the ten weeks that I spent there were the same in any way.

Blog 10455134_10153557526591040_1517346832423286950_n


Whilst the experience of volunteering abroad is by no means an easy one, I would definitely encourage people who might even be considering the possibility to just go for it.  My experience was the most challenging, but one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, and stories shared with fellow returned volunteers seem to have that common thread.  The adventure of working in a completely different culture, being fortunate enough to interact with a diverse cross section of people and working as a team to achieve something positive and tangible isn’t really comparable to any other trip.  I think one of the main benefits of participating in ICS is that not only do you fundraise pre-departure for your partner charity, but because the length of placement is an extended period of time, it really gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the community you are working in, and have the potential to effect real change.

I don’t want to give too much away about SNAPSHOTS, but I would encourage you to see it whilst it is in the Saw Swee Hock centre on the first floor throughout next week.  The main aim of the exhibition is to tell the story of these people through the immediacy of images, which I think can sometimes be much more powerful than words.  I went into my experience of volunteering with some perceptions of what it might be like, but was completely unprepared for what I would encounter whilst there.  Hopefully the exhibition might inspire you to embark on a similar venture!

Lots of #LSEnewyearpledges!

Last week, the LSE Volunteer Centre and LSE Student Volunteering Ambassadors carried out a volunteer pledging session on-campus. We set out to talk to as many staff students as possible about the benefits of volunteering and then asked them to make an #LSEnewyearpledge to volunteer in 2015.

We were delighted with the response and received more than 40 pledges from staff and students, as well as many more online. You can see the full photo album of pledges on the LSE Volunteer Centre Facebook page.

It’s still not too late to make your pledge! You can do so either on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #LSEnewyearpledge. Or, if you’re looking for inspiration then read these five reasons why you should get involved.

Below are some photos from the pledging session:




Blog 20150113_120407

Five moments from an #LSEnewyearpledge with the ONE Campaign

Alex Louch, a member of staff in the LSE Students’ Union who runs the LSESU Employability and Development Programme, sets out why he started volunteering with ONE and the reasons why volunteering is great. If you’re inspired to make volunteering your #LSEnewyearpledge for 2015, visit the LSE Volunteer Centre web pages for more information about how we can help you.

My name’s Alex, and I’m a member of staff for LSE Students’ Union. I met Billy Hill from the ONE Campaign during a session on the program, and he told me about the ONE Campaign Youth Ambassador Programme.

I’ve been a volunteer for a number of years with various organisations, and here’s five reasons why I think you should take the #LSEnewyearpledge:

1. Meeting other volunteers


There’s more than 30 other ONE Campaign volunteers and the best moment of my day was meeting everyone else. The ambassadors come from completely different careers and backgrounds and all share a passion for making a change to the world we live in.

During the day, I realised that I’d met an inspiring group of people that I would know for a long time.

2. Making a difference, here and now


Volunteering creates positive change. The proportion of people living in extreme poverty (less than $1.25 a day) declined by 60% between 1990 and 2011. By 2030, ONE is campaigning that extreme poverty will be history. My work as a youth ambassador volunteer, lobbying MPs, MEPs and the UN, is genuinely going to make a difference, even if it’s a very small one!

3. Upskilling


Where else could I get a crash course in PR from Stephanie Busari (CNN) and Carla Okai (the Guardian)?

4. Out of the LSE Bubble


Volunteering takes you out of the LSE “bubble”. It’s a fantastic break from revision, essays and exams. We got a trip to the BBC.

5. Time


I work full time at LSE. But there is ALWAYS time to volunteer. In one day of training with ONE, I learnt many new skills, met great people and a had trip to the House of Lords. I’ll also be at Parliament on 23 January for the second reading of the International Development Bill, but only for a few hours.

Most of my volunteering will take place online, or be crammed in at evenings or weekends. However, we live in London, and that means fantastic opportunities are on our doorstep. We just need to volunteer to take them!

LSE Careers’ International Development Events Programme 2015

The LSE Careers’ International Development Events Programme (IDEP) starts this week, providing a fantastic opportunity for students who are considering a career in the international development sector to learn more about it.

We have speakers from a wide range of international organisations – including Save the Children, Adam Smith International, Care International and the European Commission - participating in a variety of seminars and panels. We’re also running the International Development Volunteering Fair on 3 February, with 23 organisations attending – from large organisations such as UN Volunteers and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women to smaller NGOs such as Livelyminds and the Moving Mountains Trust.

All the events can be booked a week in advance on CareerHub. Visit the IDEP website to see all events listed together in one handy place. It’s constantly being updates as more events are confirmed – so make sure you bookmark it to stay up to date and don’t miss anything!

Five reasons why volunteering should be your new year pledge

The start of a new year is a great time to make changes. So why not pledge to do something for charity? Leyla Nor, LSE student volunteering ambassador, gives five reasons why volunteering should be your new year pledge:

  1. The feel-good factor: The sense of satisfaction after doing a good deed is unbeatable. Volunteering and feeling happy and optimistic is a great way to start 2015.
  2. Check-off items on your bucket list: Volunteering gives you the chance to meet new people, try new things and gain new experiences. The opportunities are endless which means you can cover things on your bucket list.
  3. Continue the Christmas kindness: Christmas is a time of giving and spreading joy, but what’s stopping you from helping others after the festive season? Continue the Christmas spirit by volunteering.
  4. Try something new and different: Volunteering is always a new and exciting experience. You may even discover some new interests.
  5. Be the change you want to see: Volunteering not only brings benefits to you, but also helps others. Start making changes for the better in your community.

All volunteering make a difference – whether it’s just a couple of hours or a longer-term commitment. Make volunteering your #LSEnewyearpledge and join 42% of LSE students who volunteer during their time at the School.

You can find lots of volunteering opportunities on LSE CareerHub. We want to hear your new year resolutions so make sure you read about our campaign and get in touch.

Make volunteering your new year’s resolution

We’re passionate about volunteering and believe that even more LSE students should take time to contribute to their communities. What better time to start than January 2015? We’re asking LSE students to make volunteering your new year’s resolution. Share your volunteering resolution on our Facebook wall or tweet us, using the #LSEnewyearpledge hashtag. We’ll be taking over the first floor cafe in the […]

Our vision is one where the LSE community makes a sustained and valued contribution to society through volunteering.

Our mission is to embed a culture of volunteering within the LSE community enabling students to engage with rewarding opportunities, facilitating their personal development whilst contributing to society.

We have the following six key aims:

1. Inspire students about volunteering and the positive affects it can have on their careers and other areas of life.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Share case studies from other LSE students and organisations highlighting the benefits of volunteering. 
  • Have a Student Volunteering Ambassadors team that will meet students at events, write blog entries and articles for The Beaver. 
  • Ensure that engaging literature is available on campus.
  • Run promotional campaigns on campus.

2. Educate the LSE community about volunteering and ensure they know where information and support can be found.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Keep an up to date blog and website with informative articles about volunteering.
  • Run 1-1 appointments with students.
  • Hold seminars and presentations about the “Why, When and How” of volunteering, including external presenters.
  • Work with departments to ensure they are aware of the Volunteer Centre and how to direct students there. 

3. Maintain and develop a diverse range of volunteering opportunities from a broad range of organisations.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Work with our partner organisations to ensure they post their volunteering opportunities on LSE CareerHub.
  • Run an annual volunteering fair to help introduce students to charities and their opportunities.
  • Listen to students and the type of opportunities that they want.
  • Assist students in leading their own volunteer involving projects.

4. Work in collaboration with other bodies and organisations both inside and out of LSE for mutual benefit.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Meet regularly with the various bodies at LSE that involve volunteers and/or the promotion of volunteering such as LSE SU, LSE SU RAG and Widening Participation.
  • Work with the Hutchinson Patrons to ensure excellent opportunities are available for LSE students.
  • Have procedures in place for when it is appropriate to refer students to other LSE departments and/or external organisations.

5. Measure the impact of LSE volunteers and celebrate their work.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Have an annual event celebrating the impact that LSE students make in the community through volunteering.
  • Publish an annual brochure with a series of case studies highlighting the volunteer work that LSE students have completed.
  • Present one LSE student with the annual ‘LSE Volunteer of the Year’ award.
  • Develop feedback mechanisms for both organisations and students to help measure impact that LSE students make.

6. Stay at the forefront of knowledge regarding volunteering and ensure best practice is championed with organisations we work with.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Actively participate in volunteering bodies such as WiSCV, Greater London Volunteering and Volunteering England/NCVO amongst others.
  • Participate in and share research on student volunteering.
  • Monitor changes in volunteer related legislation.
  • Refer organisations to best practice guidelines on recruiting and managing volunteers where appropriate.

Sales & Customer Care Consultant/Advisor (30 hours/week)

Apply by: 9 Feb 2015

Location: London United Kingdom

We currently have a fantastic opportunity for a Part Time Sales and Customer Care Consultant, working with an experienced team of consultants and Senior consultants, providing exceptional service to our customer.

Volunteer Mentoring with young refugees and migrants

Apply by: 24 Mar 2015

Location: London Greater London United Kingdom

Salusbury WORLD is a small charity situated in North West London. We work with refugee and migrant children and families. We are looking for mentors to support newly arrived young people as part of a project we run at two London secondary schools.

The MoonWalk London 2015 Event Volunteer (shift 1)

Apply by: 13 May 2015

Location: Clapham Common Greater London United Kingdom

Lights! Camera! Action! Join the crew making The MoonWalk London 2015 ‘Night at the Movies’ possible on 16th-17th May at Clapham Common.

The MoonWalk London 2015 Event Steward (shift 2)

Apply by: 13 May 2015

Location: Clapham Common Greater London United Kingdom

Lights! Camera! Action! Join the crew making The MoonWalk London 2015 ‘Night at the Movies’ possible on 16th-17th May at Clapham Common.

The MoonWalk London 2015 Event Steward (shift 3)

Apply by: 13 May 2015

Location: Clapham Common Greater London United Kingdom

Lights! Camera! Action! Join the crew making The MoonWalk London 2015 ‘Night at the Movies’ possible on 16th-17th May at Clapham Common.

Chinese New Year 2015 London Celebrations Volunteer

Apply by: 13 Feb 2015

Location: Chinatown Greater London United Kingdom

China comes to London in a breathtaking blaze of colour with the Chinese New Year celebrations. The festivities - the largest outside of Asia, offer revellers a feast of Chinese culture, including a gravity defying lion dance, fireworks and a variety of performers from China and the UK.

These are the latest volunteering opportunities being advertised through the Volunteer Centre. To see all the volunteering opportunities we are advertising, search the vacancies on LSE CareerHub|.

These are our forthcoming volunteering events. You can search below or view all our events on CareerHub.

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