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LSE Volunteer Centre

Welcome to the LSE Volunteer Centre (part of LSE Careers|).

We are here to help LSE students find a volunteering placement at a charity or not-for-profit organisation during your time studying at LSE. We can offer a range of volunteering opportunities for students to get involved in whether they have one hour or two days a week to spare.

We can offer a wealth of advice on volunteering in London and internationally and how you can make the best use of your opportunities to make a difference in the world and help gain new skills for your future careers.

LSE Volunteers 2015

On 12 May the LSE Volunteer Centre and LSE SU RAG Society hosted their annual event to celebrate volunteering and fundraising at LSE. Over 80 people attended representing the student body, LSE Students’ Union, various parts of the School and charities that have recruited students over the past year as volunteers and fundraisers. The achievements of LSE students over the past year […]

Nominees for LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year 2015

The LSE Volunteer Centre is delighted to announce the nominees for the LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year award, won by Spires in 2014. This year six organisations have been nominated based on their involvement of activities on campus, quality of the opportunities open to LSE students, number of recruits and feedback from students who have volunteered with them. The nominees are: […]

Volunteer of the Year 2015 Nominations

The Volunteer Centre is delighted to have received 29 brilliant nominations for the LSE Volunteer of the Year award. We are now tasked with the exciting challenge of selecting a winner, who will be announced at LSE Volunteers, the celebratory ceremony next Tuesday. Have a read of the 29 nominations below. Name: Ashley Archibald Nominated by: Mevan Babakar Opportunity the student has been […]

Want to help the children of Nepal? Don’t fuel the orphanage industry

We’ve all seen the terrible images and stories coming out of Nepal over the past two weeks. You would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved and want to offer your help in any possible way. The British public has already donated millions of pounds and I’m sure this total will continue to rise over the coming days. […]

LSE Volunteering Awards

DSC_1102blogWe are on the lookout for nominees for the LSE Volunteer of the Year award and the LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year award. The winners will be announced at our annual LSE Volunteers event on 12 May 2015.

If you know of an LSE student or organisation that should be recognised for going above and beyond the call of duty then nominate them for an award. This is your chance to make sure that their work is recognised by the LSE community.

Organisations nominating for “LSE Volunteer of the Year”.

An LSE student nominating another student for “LSE Volunteer of the Year”.

An LSE student nominating an organisation for “Voluntary organisation of the Year”.

Nominations for both awards will close on 3 May 2015. If you have any questions please contact the LSE Volunteer Coordinator on volunteer@lse.ac.uk.

Charity PR: Stop the sensationalism!

Jen Wilkins is an LSE alumna and former LSE SU RAG president. She now works for PR agency PHA Media, specialising in campaigns and causes. She’s particularly interested in mental health and women’s rights and is a member of Amnesty’s Women’s Rights Action Network connecting activists with their My Body My Rights campaign. Thank you to PHA Media for allowing us […]

Our vision is one where the LSE community makes a sustained and valued contribution to society through volunteering.

Our mission is to embed a culture of volunteering within the LSE community enabling students to engage with rewarding opportunities, facilitating their personal development whilst contributing to society.

We have the following six key aims:

1. Inspire students about volunteering and the positive affects it can have on their careers and other areas of life.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Share case studies from other LSE students and organisations highlighting the benefits of volunteering. 
  • Have a Student Volunteering Ambassadors team that will meet students at events, write blog entries and articles for The Beaver. 
  • Ensure that engaging literature is available on campus.
  • Run promotional campaigns on campus.

2. Educate the LSE community about volunteering and ensure they know where information and support can be found.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Keep an up to date blog and website with informative articles about volunteering.
  • Run 1-1 appointments with students.
  • Hold seminars and presentations about the “Why, When and How” of volunteering, including external presenters.
  • Work with departments to ensure they are aware of the Volunteer Centre and how to direct students there. 

3. Maintain and develop a diverse range of volunteering opportunities from a broad range of organisations.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Work with our partner organisations to ensure they post their volunteering opportunities on LSE CareerHub.
  • Run an annual volunteering fair to help introduce students to charities and their opportunities.
  • Listen to students and the type of opportunities that they want.
  • Assist students in leading their own volunteer involving projects.

4. Work in collaboration with other bodies and organisations both inside and out of LSE for mutual benefit.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Meet regularly with the various bodies at LSE that involve volunteers and/or the promotion of volunteering such as LSE SU, LSE SU RAG and Widening Participation.
  • Work with the Hutchinson Patrons to ensure excellent opportunities are available for LSE students.
  • Have procedures in place for when it is appropriate to refer students to other LSE departments and/or external organisations.

5. Measure the impact of LSE volunteers and celebrate their work.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Have an annual event celebrating the impact that LSE students make in the community through volunteering.
  • Publish an annual brochure with a series of case studies highlighting the volunteer work that LSE students have completed.
  • Present one LSE student with the annual ‘LSE Volunteer of the Year’ award.
  • Develop feedback mechanisms for both organisations and students to help measure impact that LSE students make.

6. Stay at the forefront of knowledge regarding volunteering and ensure best practice is championed with organisations we work with.

To meet this aim we will:

  • Actively participate in volunteering bodies such as WiSCV, Greater London Volunteering and Volunteering England/NCVO amongst others.
  • Participate in and share research on student volunteering.
  • Monitor changes in volunteer related legislation.
  • Refer organisations to best practice guidelines on recruiting and managing volunteers where appropriate.

Volunteer Mentoring with young refugees and migrants

Apply by: 1 Jul 2015

Location: London Greater London United Kingdom

Salusbury WORLD is a small charity situated in North West London. We work with refugee and migrant children and families. We are looking for mentors to support newly arrived young people as part of a project we run at two London secondary schools.

Social Media Executive

Apply by: 3 Jul 2015

Location: London Greater London United Kingdom

This marketing internship gives one motivated individual the opportunity to be heavily involved in all aspects of growing the social media footprint for UniLotto. This includes delivering sharp and innovating updates across our social media profiles and helping developing new content ideas,

Sea Turtle Conservation Project Volunteer

Apply by: 31 Dec 2015

Location: Athens Greece

Enthusiastic and committed volunteers wanted ARCHELON's sea turtle conservation projects in Greece. Zakynthos, Peloponnesus, Crete, Amvrakikos host major nesting areas for loggerhead turtle monitored by ARCHELON, an environmental NGO for over 30years also with a Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Athens.

Summer Heritage Camps Leaders

Apply by: 1 Jun 2015

Location: London Greater London United Kingdom

Volunteer leaders (aged up to 30) needed to help run heritage camps this coming summer for 16-25 year olds from all round Europe and the UK helping to preserve Britain’s beautiful historic buildings.

Gap Year Social Care Volunteers

Apply by: 16 Jun 2017

Location: Various locations nationwide United Kingdom

Full-time gap year placements in the UK in social and health care settings. Placements for 6-12 months with free accommodation and subsistence. Placements in special needs schools, homeless shelters, day centres, mentoring projects, respite care and helping individuals with disabilities.

Aspire Event Assistants - one off event 18th June 2015

Apply by: 5 Jun 2015

Location: London Greater London United Kingdom

Event Assistant

These are the latest volunteering opportunities being advertised through the Volunteer Centre. To see all the volunteering opportunities we are advertising, search the vacancies on LSE CareerHub|.

These are our forthcoming volunteering events. You can search below or view all our events on CareerHub.

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