Anders Ruud Fosnæs

MSc in Economic Sociology, 2011
Senior Consultant, Conexus

Since graduating from LSE I’ve worked as a consultant, department manager, and product manager in Conexus, which is a company that develops software for the education sector. In these jobs I have had responsibilities for sales, strategy, research and development, business development, change management, project management, and seminars.  I currently work as a senior consultant in the department for research and development. In my current job I only work with research and development. I create evidence-based content to our technology in close collaboration with internationally renowned scholars. My responsibility is to make sure that our products are built on updated research about what is most efficient in promoting learning and development among students, teachers, school leaders, and school owners. I also lead seminars about the use of educational technologies in order to enhance learning.

My career path so far has developed as planned. As a sociologist, I wanted to work in the private sector. I wanted to be a part of creating products that make a better world.  

I chose this job because it gives me the opportunity to work both theoretically and practically. I get to be a part of creating tools that hopefully lead to better teaching and more learning. I love the combination of working theoretically and at the same time creating new products. In the best moments my job binds theory and practise together. There are drawbacks; sometimes I may feel that my job consists of much theory, many meetings and seminars, and little production. I have a possibility to pursue a PhD in my current job, so that is something to consider, but mainly I plan to continue working with research and development. Making products that promote learning and development is to me inherently meaningful.

I chose LSE because it’s one of the leading universities in the world, especially when it comes to sociology. I learned a lot about economic sociology and economics, as well as how to perform under pressure in a sustainable way. Studying at LSE is challenging. The academic standards and expectations are high, so you have to be able to motivate yourself.

Studying at LSE is also fun! You meet students from all over the world, and they all speak English fluently. This leads to great parties and lots of interesting conversations! Being a student in London requires discipline and a great deal of goal-directed behaviour. You have to know when to say “no” and when to say “yes”, because there’s always something exciting going on.

Studying at LSE was one of the best times of my life.

Anders Ruud Fosnæs