Kate Hayes

BSc Criminology and Social Policy
Primary School Teacher, Teach First 

Why did you choose to join your current employer?

Teach First gave me the opportunity to start my career while tackling something I felt very passionately about – educational disadvantage.

What did LSE teach you?

My time at LSE taught me that going out there yourself and getting involved is the most effective way of learning and making the most of any experience.

Can you explain your current role?

I am a teacher of a Year 1 class at an infant school in Bexley. I work with 28 five-year-olds every day, teaching all subjects. I plan all lessons and ensure good progress is made by all pupils.

How do you see your career progressing?

I would love to become more involved with the development of Teach First as well as progressing further as a teacher. My career goal is to be the head teacher of my own primary school.

Any advice for students wanting a career in your line of work?

I would recommend getting some experience. The LSE run an amazing mentoring scheme with children and young adults across London, which is definitely a worthwhile scheme to be part of.


Kate Hayes