Cristina Malaspina

MSc Media and Communications, 2013
Channel Marketing Manager, Nest

Why did you choose LSE, and why did you choose your programme of study?

I chose LSE because of the school's reputation. My decision to study MSc Media and Communications was based upon my ambition to pursue a career in digital media.

Overall, how do you look back on your LSE experience?

LSE is the place where I have met my best friends and potential future business partners. It has allowed me to be exposed to excellence from many perspectives: fellow students, professors, quality of research, organization and concepts. I am so happy I have had the opportunity to study at this prestigious institution!

Since leaving LSE, where has your career path led you?

Right after submitting my dissertation, I used the LSE careers website to look for work opportunities and saw an internship position at Apple, based in London. Even if I had three years of work experience in the music industry, I was aware of how good an experience at Apple could have been for me. I applied and got the internship, at the end of which I was employed by the company for a temporary period.

Meanwhile, my internship manager had left the company and joined Nest, an IoT company that was shortly after acquired by Google. My internship manager and I kept in touch whilst I was still at Apple. When a good position that fitted my profile opened at Nest, he informed me about it. I did not lose the opportunity and applied for it - and luckily got it!

I can no doubt say that I was lucky. Since graduating from the LSE in 2013, I have rapidly grown from a career perspective. Now I cover a Channel marketing position within one of Alphabet's most exciting "new bets" and I get the chance to work with, and travel to the Silicon Valley very often. I would have never imagined myself having so much fun in my job, while covering such responsibilities, a few years ago. I am also happy I "took the risk" to start again from the beginning, with an internship position, after my masters.

Why did you choose your current job?

I considered it a job that could offer more responsibilities than the temporary one I was covering at Apple, yet within an excellent company (Google). I wanted to land a job in tech with business as well as creative responsibilities. As a channel marketing manager, I am responsible for business activities such as budgeting, account management and merchandising, but I also get involved in events management, web marketing and I get to discuss exciting retail projects with major accounts such as John Lewis and Dixons.

What does your current job involve?

Based in London, I am a Channel Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland for Nest. The company is a part of Alphabet (Google's holding company).

Working in close cooperation with the Sales team, I currently manage the channel marketing and storefront operations in the UK & Ireland. My main objective in my role is to implement the Nest customer experience across the retail channel.

What are your main responsbilities?

My main responsibilities involve:

  • supporting Nest’s retail strategy by driving the point of sale (POS) operations, from store tiering, POS needs assessment and planning as well as deployment to compliance maintenance
  • handling online and offline channel activities including building quarterly demand generation plans to support the UK & Ireland retail growth targets
  • building Nest channel advocacy by managing field marketing, planning and organizing sales; training and organising events
  • supporting partners and managing vendor relationships to deliver a premium experience at every customer touch point

What main qualities do you need in order to succeed in your role?

At Nest, you need to be a self-starter. The company has a very entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, you have to love products and know how to market them in an excellent way. Many of us at Nest come from Apple and share a mentality which is made on love for good design, simplicity of products and user friendly communication. The fact that we are part of Alphabet allows us to get a daily exposure to all of Google's great divisions and products, as well as sharing information with other employees.

What advice do you have for LSE students who are looking to enter a similar profession to you?

After studying at  LSE, you know how hard it can be to be part of a competitive environment. If you want to land a job at one great tech company, you do not need to lose the energy and spirit that you have to show while studying at the LSE. In addition, you must be willing to take risks, if you can spot some opportunities with them. It will always pay off!

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