Sahil Bans

BSc Management & Employment Relations, 2011
Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Please describe your career path to date

Coming from a poor background I knew that a degree from LSE could transform my life.  After completing my A-levels, I studied two extra A-levels to secure my offer. I worked tremendously hard to secure a place at the school, and I can say it met my expectations.

Has your career path developed as you planned?  

LSE has a strong reputation for its connections to the city; many graduates have careers in Investment Banking, law and accounting and I wanted the same. However, I did not secure an internship from any companies or banks during my degree. Whilst you’re at the school it is good to get some experience through springs & summer internships, even if you get rejected by all of them, the interview experience is valuable. My biggest regret is not securing an internship during my degree.

Tell us about your current job   

I work in the Foreign Exchange Middle Office. We manage the firm’s transactions and protect it from financial risk. I’m young and I currently have a lot of drive and energy; you’ll need this for the start of your career in the city, because as you may have heard, it’s fast paced! The environment I’m in encourages change & creativity, which is what I enjoy the most.

How has your time at LSE helped you so far in your career? 

LSE is unlike a typical university experience, it is a specialist school with great connections to the city. There is a real emphasis on excellence through self-sufficiency which is extremely important for many future career paths.

What advice would you give to prospective or current LSE students?   

Your degree will make a difference, believe that. I would like to pass on my message to those at the school who have little resources to secure a career in the city; whose parents didn’t go to university and those who have no connections to give them a step up.

I would encourage you to develop a competitive edge and not be afraid to make yourself look stupid. Try to shove your head into crowds which may appear strange and generally appear proactive. I’d also encourage you to develop some technical skills such as advanced Excel or a coding language; this will immediately stand you out from many graduates from day one.

Sahil Bans