Naomi Neuss

MSc Management, Organisations & Governance, 2010
Marketing role, UK Retail, Shell

Why did you choose to join your current employer?

I wanted a career in the energy sector with a company that is international, diverse, has a good reputation and is based in London. The recruitment process is a good indicator of whether you will enjoy working at a specific company. I instantly felt comfortable, so Shell ticked all the boxes.

What did LSE teach you?

Persistence and resilience. If you have a goal you need to focus all your energy on achieving it.

Can you explain your current role?

I work in the UK marketing team where I look after campaigns, promotions and general communications to our customers. I am expected to deliver on time, within budget and in line with brand guidelines. All my work is customer focused.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Launching a new premium fuel in the UK – I was responsible for the marketing campaign across all sites looking after the below the line budget as well as contributing to achieving sales targets.

What are the top skills that graduates should develop at LSE?

The ability to think critically and independently. Working requires you to challenge current practices and approaches and drive new initiatives.



Naomi Neuss