Meilene Lam

MSc CEMS International Business, 2012
Associate Consultant, OC&C

Why did you choose to join your current employer?

OC&C provided the exciting international opportunities of a large firm together with the community feeling of a small firm. Their focus on strategy and strength in retail/consumer goods also suited my interests.

What did LSE teach you?

My courses involved a lot of group work to solve complex problems – similar to the day-to-day working style of consultants.

Explain your current role and what you are expected to do

I am an Associate Consultant, in charge of analysing data and using the conclusions to impact on the big-picture ‘answer’ to each project. I am currently designing a promotional calendar for a major online retailer, which is going to be used by all marketing, merchandising and campaign planning staff and will improve the ease and efficiency of their jobs.

What is the top skill that graduates should develop at LSE?

It’s really important that graduates know when to step back and understand how their part of the project fits in with the bigger picture. It’s easy to get lost in details, but it’s important to understand the macro implications.

Any advice for students wanting to embark on a career in your organisation?

Practice your case interview skills! Half of doing well in a consulting interview is understanding how to structure your case methodically: this can be learned and polished.


Meilene Lam