Astrid Paul

MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2011
Marketing and PR Assistant, BCG

How did you choose your career?

LSE provides students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of job opportunities throughout the academic year at careers fairs and other presentations. But sometimes it can be hard to get real insight into an organisation. I had the advantage of meeting an LSE alumnus working for BCG. We became friends and she was so enthusiastic about working for the firm that it inspired me to apply.

Why did you choose to join BCG?

I chose BCG for its global network and its prestige as a corporate brand. I’ve been at the firm for over 18 months and what’s become clear is how all BCG employees are valued for their individual contributions. A perk of working at BCG is the number of social events that enable us to connect with fellow employees and makes BCG a fun place to work.

What did LSE teach you?

LSE enables students to be independent in their thinking. It also broadens students’ minds to the world and its people. LSE’s intake is truly international, and our lecture materials are based on the thorough research of international academics. This has helped me to build skills that are useful in my personal and professional life.

Has LSE given you special or different skills?

LSE is a demanding school with high academic standards, which really sets it apart from others. BCG recruits from top universities so all my colleagues have strong academic backgrounds. LSE’s high academic standards have given me valuable skills that enable me to fit in this environment and to perform well in my job.

What’s your current role and what are you expected to achieve?

I am working in the Marketing team as an Assistant involved in both public relations and marketing. The role is varied and interesting, and at any one time I have a number of on-going projects. I play a fundamental role in supporting the busy Marketing team. I am deepening my knowledge of marketing and the media with external courses and internal shadowing.

Your most significant achievement?

Making the transition from thinking like a student to becoming an independent professional in a busy and demanding corporate culture.

Your most challenging task?

Every day I am required to show strong organisational, communication and team working skills. Whatever the nature of the task, the responsibility I have and the impact it has on the team and the business provides a new challenge.

The best and worst aspects of the job?

Variety! I find the role intellectually stimulating and I get to work with people from all over the world. BCG operates at the very highest standards in all parts of the business and sometimes rising to the challenge can be a little daunting but this is also what keep my job exciting.

How have you contributed to the success of the organisation?

I help the firm’s partners to build and maintain relationships with clients, alumni and journalists. There is also plenty of opportunity to be involved with social impact activities and organising office social events.

How do you see your career progressing?

I would like to deepen my experience in an international setting while developing my professional skills and understanding of marketing.

What makes you good at your job?

Motivation and a genuine interest in the role, a healthy intellectual curiosity, good attention to detail and organisation skills, and confidence in dealing with senior people within the organisation.

What are the top skills that graduates should develop at LSE?

Become independent and be flexible in your attitude. Turn academic theory into a practical approach to work.

What is your best piece of advice for LSE students?

To be open to many job possibilities and explore all that a company can offer. Think in the long term and not in the short term when selecting a career. One door can open many others in the future.


Astrid Paul