Joulan Khalek

MSc International Political Economy, 2010
Junior Professional Associate, World Bank Group

LSE is a great launching pad into the professional world

LSE provided me with a more informed understanding of how the world works from a political economy perspective and so after graduation, I worked as an analyst in the office of the CEO at Mercedes-Benz China Ltd. My job there was focused on political economy issues related to the Chinese luxury car market.

After this, I move back home to Beirut for one year and worked as a researcher at the Carnegie Middle East Centre. At the time, the Arab Spring had kicked off and it was an exciting opportunity to roll my sleeves up and get involved in the broader political and economic policy debate in the Arab world.

I currently work for the World Bank Group. I work with a team on developing both financing packages and advisory services for developing countries. I chose this job to gain hands on operational experience in the area of international development finance. I enjoy the ability to work on multiple issues across countries and region of the world.

My aspirations have somewhat changed after graduation. I now realise that I need to work on developing specific skills in a number of specific areas rather than following a more generalist approach. I plan to continue towards my PhD by specializing in a specific area that would allow me to contribute with expert analysis on key development priorities for the Middle East region.

Finding a job after graduation is a challenging task. I advise fellow graduates not to sell themselves short and to persevere until they find their ideal job profile in a working environment that is conducive to their personal and professional growth. It is easier said than done but sticking to this mantra could lead to much more rewarding opportunities.