Claudine Vega

MSc in International Relations, 2006
Graduate Recruiter, UK Marketing & Relationship Development, EMEIA Financial Services, EY 

How did you go about choosing your career from the many career options open to an LSE student? Did you consider other careers?

I successfully completed various internships back home in Germany and used my own networks to find out more about possible internships or careers. LSE Careers offered useful information too, which helped me with my job search. I did consider working for an NGO or international organisation and I volunteered for Amnesty International back in 2006. However, I had a keen interest in marketing or HR and therefore accepted a role as Diversity Recruiter at Merrill Lynch in 2007. I managed Merrill Lynch’s different insight programmes and diversity recruitment events but also contributed to the firm’s philanthropic activities and corporate social responsibility projects. Since joining EY, I have recruited students from top-tier universities in London and have recently accepted a role in the firm’s Marketing & Relationship Development Team. I continue supporting programmes for students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Why did you choose to join your current employer?

EY is a global professional services firm and you work with some of the smartest people in the industry. I enjoy working in different teams in a very international environment. EY offers excellent training, unique secondments and great development opportunities.

What did your time at LSE teach you that you have been able to put into practice at work?

At LSE we were taught to work hard and to produce work to the highest standard, to share or discuss ideas in a very international and intellectually stimulating environment, and to collaborate and work in teams. These are all important lessons, which I have put into practice over the past seven years. I have always enjoyed working in international teams at global corporations.

Has LSE given you special or different skills?

The LSE is a great institution with an excellent reputation. I have been taught by leading professors and studied with students from various interesting backgrounds. I had a great experience at the LSE and I still keep in touch with former classmates who are now based all over the world.

What has been your most significant achievement at work?

As Graduate Recruiter, I’ve led the most successful marketing campaign on my campus in 2013, achieved the highest increase in the employer-of-choice ranking on my campus in 2012 and introduced various diversity recruitment events. I have also won an EMEIA wide photography competition at EY.

What are the best and worst aspects of the job?

I enjoy travelling and working with people from different backgrounds and I have been managing five campus teams at EY. I work with junior and senior colleagues from all service lines, so I have been developing new relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. My role is very busy but exciting and I always learn something new. The worst aspects of the job are the occasional administrative tasks.

What makes you good at your job?

Organisational skills and people skills. I enjoy managing projects, teams or events.

What are the skills that graduates should develop at LSE?

Team working, respect, integrity and work ethic.

What is your best piece of advice for career-ambitious LSE students wanting to embark on a career in your organisation or line of work?

Do your research and demonstrate your keen interest in the role and company that you are applying for. Sign up for company-specific recruitment events to find out more and to network with current employees or LSE alumni. Apply for undergraduate programmes, insight days or summer internship programmes. Work hard, stay positive and never give up.


Claudine Vega