Amisha Bagri

BSc International Relations, 2010
Currently studying MSc Management at UCL

My interest in geo-political issues, relationships and globalisation prompted me to pursue International Relations. IR teaches you to look at the world through both a macro and micro lens and appreciate the nuances and interactions of actors on the individual, regional and global level.

I chose to study at the LSE because it is one of the most well regarded social science schools in the world. I wanted to study in a dynamic and vibrant environment with access to world-class professors and resources. After graduation, I spent my first year working with a variety of think tanks both in the UK and overseas. I focused on international issues, namely humanitarian policy.

In order to combine my passion for international affairs with a growing interest in business, I joined a start–up consulting business. I was part of a team of consultants who built the company from the ground up over a period of two years.

I am currently undertaking a MSc in Management at UCL. I opted to do a practical application-based programme which focuses on equipping students with relevant skills. My degree covers all the key aspects of business and the emphasis on group work also mirrors the business world and encourages peer learning.

I chose to study because during my first three years of work, I uncovered gaps in my knowledge of business and wanted to address them and improve my overall understanding of how organisations operate. Pursuing a postgraduate degree can also help one’s credibility and job prospects.

If I have learnt one thing about starting your career, it is that very few people’s paths develop as they had planned. One needs to be flexible and open to change.

I plan to join a global group, which manages a diversified group of businesses such as those in financial inclusion, manufacturing and electronics. Eventually, I would like to start my own business; a business that adds both financial and social value.

My time at LSE has taught me to be confident about pursuing new and exciting opportunities, to market myself well and to think analytically and work hard. For anyone who is ambitious and determined to succeed in the professional world, the LSE is for you!