Rhoads Reynolds Cannon

MSc Theory and History of International Relations, 2013
Business Founder, TBT Consultants

Why did you choose LSE, and why did you choose your programme of study?

School's global reputation, recommendation from colleagues.

Overall, how do you look back on your LSE experience?

LSE is a world renowned institution with an international focus and global mission. Its scope and reach are truly immense. I am proud to be a part of the LSE.

How has your LSE experience helped your career progression?

LSE provided me the analytical skills to tackle real-world problems. I recently founded an educational consultancy company, and I can directly thank the LSE for providing me with the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Why did you choose your current job?

I value independence, hard-work, and interpersonal collaboration. As a student of the LSE, you are constantly engaging with disparate individuals from around the world. This is and remains an invaluable experience.

What skills do you need for your current role?

Day-to-day responsibilities include timeliness, organization, insight, and a relentless worth ethic - all necessary qualities to succeed at the LSE.

What advice do you have for LSE students who are looking to enter a similar profession to you?

Do not simply look at your degree options as your only path. Keep all your options open. The LSE opens many doors. Best of luck!