David P West

MSc History of International Relations, 2003
Analyst, Morgan Stanley Real Estate

"LSE is the ideal place to learn about the world and yourself. At the LSE, ideas and leaders are developed, and I hope this tradition continues!"

Having taken undergraduate summer economics classes at the LSE, I loved the international flavour and intelligent fellow students, and I thought the LSE would be the perfect place to propel my career through a graduate degree.

My LSE experience was a major reason doors opened for me in Washington and in the government service. Also, I have gained long-term friends, including my thesis advisor and one of my groomsmen, a fellow student in the History of International Relations program. LSE and London are wonderful places that have paid huge dividends to me both during my experience there and throughout my professional life to date.

In my current position, I work as part of the real estate team handling traditional investment banking services for pubic and private real estate firms, investing deals for our Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds (MSREF), and also private equity fundraising efforts as part of our private capital markets group. I chose this job to expand my skill set, gain transaction exposure, and to expand my professional and personal network. I find Morgan Stanley to be a firm filled with smart, ethical people and that aspect has impressed me about this particular Wall Street bank.

Here at Morgan Stanley, I love being surrounded by incredibly smart and driven people as part of a leading real estate banking and investing franchise. This environment is fast-paced and merit-based. I will learn an incredible amount here in a short time and I am excited about that.

Having just gotten engaged so I work hard to maintain a work-life balance as much as possible and enjoy what is a great professional opportunity in a great city of New York (which is saying a lot given that I am from the "Second City" - Chicago!)

My best advice for LSE students is to trust your potential and to not be afraid of failure or mistakes. In taking a job, ensure you trust those who you will be working for and feel that they have demonstrated an interest in helping you expand your knowledge and skills.

David West