Halil Ozturk

MPA Public Policy and Management, 2011 
Foreign Trade Expert, Turkish Ministry of Economy

Please describe your career path to date

After my undergraduate degree, I started to work at TC Ziraat Bank as an internal auditor. In 2006, I moved to the Ministry of Economy as a foreign trade expert and in 2009 I started my MPA at LSE. Upon completion of my MPA I returned to the ministry. Within my career at the Ministry, I have worked as an acting commercial counsellor at the Turkish Embassy in Kazakhstan. 

Has your career path developed as you planned?

I have gained so much experience and knowledge from my study at LSE. I have developed an international perspective and been aware of international career opportunities. What is missing in my career is an international-level work experience in an international organisation. This is my next step in my career.  

Tell us about your current job

I work as a foreign trade expert and responsible to conduct anti-dumping and subsidy investigations against dumped and subsidised imports to protect our domestic industry from unfair trade practices. I also attend the meetings held at WTO, EU etc. 

Why did you choose this job?   

I chose my job at the Ministry of Economy as it is very relevant to my academic career. Also, my job requires me to travel abroad and I always enjoy being abroad and experiencing different cultures.

Thinking back, why did you choose your degree subject and why did you choose LSE?  

LSE is a prestigious university and very well-known in Turkey. I chose the MPA programme because a colleague had highly recommended the programme. After researching the syllabus and the course thoroughly I realised it aligned with my interests and career aspirations so I signed up.

Overall, how do you look back on your LSE experience? 

I have gained huge experience and knowledge from my tutors and friends as the programme. My self-confidence reached its peak during my study at LSE. I was also able to improve my English language skills which improved tremendously during my time at LSE.

Halil Ozturk