Yitian Jing

MSc Finance, 2013
Business Analyst, HSBC plc 

Why did you choose LSE, and why did you choose your programme of study?

I chose LSE due to its reputation, career prospects and professional environment.

Overall, how do you look back on your LSE experience?

I wouldn’t have missed my LSE experience for anything!

What is your current job?

I have been rotating around different HSBC’s technology areas. However, I now work for HSBC's- award winning -Global Data and Information Service as a Business Analyst.

Why did you choose your current job?

Banking is now at a difficult time: operation and regulatory costs are increasing; profit margins are decreasing due to lack of economic activity. The conventional business area has undergone huge changes. The sector now requires the advantages of new technologies and IT!

What does your current job involve?

In particular, I specialise in global trade data governance. Additionally, I am a Service Management Expert of trade data provision and quality control framework.

What advice do you have for LSE students who are looking to enter a similar profession to you?

Look beyond your course syllabus; explore beyond the news headlines and don’t base your career choices on salary. Banking and FinTech today is nothing like it was 20 years ago, and it will not look the same in 20 years’ time. It is important to ask yourself: where can you picture yourself in the future?

A passport style photo of Yitian Jing