Nick Cherrier

MSc in European Political Economy (Dual Master with Science Po), 2011
Head of Pricing & Yield, News Corp Australia

Before coming to LSE, I had undertaken a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Business, then a Master of International Diplomacy, both at Bond University in Queensland, Australia.

My first professional experience was a five months internship with the Australian Trade Commission in Paris in 2005. This job initially combined two worlds of interest - the private sector and the governmental institution. With a very favourable experience, I decided to work for the French Embassy in Canberra after I graduated and worked for the Cultural Services of the Embassy from 2007 to 2009.

My career was everything but a straight line. I always joke about the redundancy of a question such as “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” The reality is life throws you many opportunities, and you should be open-minded enough to recognise them. I started my studies in Australia struggling to choose between public affairs and business. I think it is rare to find someone who knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up at the age of 17-20. It was only through experimenting with both that I found what I wanted: a fast-paced, mentally stimulating and extremely interesting job in management consulting.

I was always fascinated by the LSE brand. The few LSE students I met before attending the School were brilliant. It became my dream school. Therefore when I received my acceptance letter, I quit my job and went back to the books… something I did not realistically picture myself doing.

I studied a joint MSc programme between LSE and Sciences Po in Paris. During the summer of 2010, I had a brief internship working for an infrastructure company in Paris. By this stage, I had decided I wanted to move away from public affairs and closer to private enterprise. The best way to learn, I was told, was to get a job at a prestigious global consulting firm. With good fortune, I got offered such a job by Simon-Kucher & Partners during my studies and started working there straight after finishing my MSc dissertation in October 2011.

I chose my job in order to develop my business skills. More specifically, Simon-Kucher & Partners specialises in Strategy and Marketing which are my favourite business disciplines. If you are interested in management consulting, you should expect a lot of travel and a lot of responsibilities from day one. What you will need to succeed is the ability to perform under pressure (the deadlines are tight), analytical skills to find solutions to problems and think outside the box, and most importantly the ability to lead people and convince an audience.

In January 2016, I left consulting and returned to Australia to take up the role of Head of Pricing and Yield at News Corp. Less than 5 years after graduating, I became responsible for setting the digital advertising pricing strategy for a major media corporation.

My time at the LSE has definitely helped me in my career. The LSE brand is a huge boost to any resume. The rest is up to you of course. When I worked in Chancery Lane, I sometimes walked around Holborn and Lincoln’s Inn, and found myself reminiscing over the amazing time I had at the LSE. I loved it! My advice to LSE students would be to make sure to audit extra classes! You have a wealth of time and knowledge at your disposal; make sure you make use of it. 

Nick Cherrier