Wikolia Alleman

MSc Economic History 2003
Customer Intelligence Director, Draft FCB Group

"The recognition that LSE has around the world is impressive and it helps to open doors for me."

I chose LSE because of its reputation and I chose my subject because it was a great way for me to combine a few of my interests into a degree. Economic History has the economics that I like without all the massive equations and the history, which is much more practical in my daily work life.

Currently I work for an advertising agency in their Customer Intelligence department. It's the melding of data and marketing, i.e. using data to make smart marketing strategy. It involves a lot of customer segmentation and profiling as well as predictive modelling. I have a great work environment - ad agencies are known for their lax, creative atmosphere.

I've been with the same company for 6 years (minus the one I spent at LSE) and when I moved out of town, 150 miles away, they let me keep my job and telecommute from home. So I have a great work/life balance. My main client is only 1 hour from my home, so I spend a lot of time at their headquarters working on marketing strategy and advertising campaign planning and analysis.

Hopefully I'll keep working my way up the ladder and stay with my same company working from home.

The only things I can say that students should do at LSE are read, read, read, and listen! Some of the most fascinating things can be found in your classroom if you just pay attention. The tutors there are the best in their fields so pick up all you can from them.