What do LSE Sociology graduates do?

In 2013/14,  88% of undergraduate leavers and 93% of postgraduate leavers from the Department of Sociology were in employment, completing further study or taking time out just six months after graduation.

Many graduate jobs make use of the social insight and skills acquired through the study of sociology. Typical employment sectors include:

  • Consultancy
  • Education and Teaching
  • Research

Jobs where a degree in sociology may prove directly applicable include teacher, lecturer, social worker, probation officer, social researcher and community officer. Graduates may similarly pursue roles within retail management, public relations, banking, welfare advice, research, accountancy and systems analysis.

The average starting salary of graduates from the Sociology department in 2013/14 was £22,000 for undergraduates, and £24,700 for postgraduates.

To find out more about LSE graduate destinations by specific Sociology degree programmes, see graduate destinations by degree programme.

Graduate profiles

These are detailed profiles exploring why LSE graduates initially chose to study with us as well as giving each graduate the opportunity to relive their LSE experience and fill us in on how their career has developed since graduation. We are grateful to all LSE graduates who have taken the time to complete our Graduate Profile Questionnaire in order to produce these profiles.

Aislinn Hetteyey

MSc Human Rights, 2009Wells Contracts Analyst, Wells Services and Contractor Management, Shell

Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque

MSc Human Rights, 2005 Country Director (Sudan), BBC World Service Trust

Anders Ruud Fosnæs

MSc in Economic Sociology, 2011 Senior Consultant, Conexus

Azmina Dhrodia

MSc Human RightsCampaign, Projects & Networks Coordinator, Amnesty International

Carolyn Alesbury

Msc Human Rights, 2009 Basic Education Specialist, Save the Children

Cristina Villegas

MSc Human Rights, 2010Owner, Catalyst Resources Development Group LLCSenior Manager, Estelle Levin Ltd.

Friederike Giese

MSc in Sociology of Crime, Control and Globalisation, 2010Project Coordinator, LEO Pharma A/S

James Jao

MSc City Design & Social Science (2005)Self employed Principal Architect

Kasturi Ghatak

MSc in Biomedicine, Bioscience and Society, 2009 Senior Research Manager, IMRB International

Paloma Correa

MSc in Human Rights, 2010Social Policy Analyst, Social Development Ministry

Employability skills

Students have practice in the gathering, analysis and interpretation of information and are able to judge and critically evaluate evidence. Students are adept at making reasoned arguments, demonstrating an ability to analyse and assess empirical information.

Students demonstrate effective teamwork through group project work and IT skills in project presentation.

Students have problem solving skills developed through regular analysis of case studies and are able to develop strategies to deal with key issues.