What do Management graduates do?

In 2013/14, 96% undergraduate leavers and 95% of postgraduate leavers from the Management department were in employment, completing further study or taking time out just six months after graduation.

The average salaries were £29,000 (undergraduate) and £33,700 (postgraduate).

To find out more about LSE graduate destinations by specific Management degree programmes, see graduate destinations by course.

The top employment sectors for Management graduates were:

  • Consultancy
  • Information and Digital Technology
  • Investment Banking

Graduates of the Management department have a thorough insight into business practices, financial transactions and commercial ventures. A knowledge of business and management will prove desirable to most organisations therefore, in addition to the top employment sectors, management graduates are also recruited into marketing, advertising, human resources and retail management roles.

Graduate profiles

These are detailed profiles exploring why LSE graduates initially chose to study with us as well as giving each graduate the opportunity to relive their LSE experience and fill us in on how their career has developed since graduation. We are grateful to all LSE graduates who have taken the time to complete our Graduate Profile Questionnaire in order to produce these profiles.

Alykhan Kassam

BSc Management Sciences, 2009 Partner, Lalani & Co

Anand Pathradkar

MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, 2009 Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Anuj Kundarap

MSc Management, 2012 Analyst, HTS Global Banking and Markets Technology, HSBC

Astrid Paul

MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2011Marketing and PR Assistant, BCG

Barbara Farhat

MSc International Business (CEMS double degree), 2009 Institutional Sales, Rio Bravo (asset management firm)

David Branstner

MSc in Management of Information Systems, 2009 Senior Consultant Project Management Consulting, Capgemini Consulting

Dominic Connelly

MSc Economics & Management, 2009Analyst, Leveraged Finance Europe, BNP Paribas

Dorottya Kovasznai

MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS), 2010Team Leader, Bloomberg LP

Filipe Henriques Martins

BSc in Human Resource Management & Employment Relations, 2011 Human Resources Policy Advisor, Shell

Fiona Curry

MSc in Human Resources Management, 2010HR Manager, General Electric

Franziska Tretter

MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resources Management, 2011 HR Manager, Bosch Rexroth

Jens Nielsen

MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, 2004Management Consultant, Accenture

John Sujith

MSc in Management & Strategy, 2009 Customer Management Leader, Rolls-Royce plc

Marie Litzner

Advisory, Natural Resource Governence InstituteMSc Public Management and Governance, 2009

Markos Zachariadis

PhD in Information Systems & Innovation, 2011 Assistant Professor in Information Systems & Management, Warwick Business School

Max Neufeind

MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2011Policy Strategy Desk Officer, German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Meilene Lam

MSc CEMS International Business, 2012Associate Consultant, OC&C

Naomi Neuss

MSc Management, Organisations & Governance, 2010Marketing role, UK Retail, Shell

Naveeda Bokhari

MSc Analysis, Design & Management of Information System, 2009 Document Management Officer, European Union Delegation to Pakistan

Nicasio Pimentel

MSc Management and Human Resources, 2012Management Consulting Analyst, Accenture

Nimisha Dua

MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2012Manager for Organisational Development, ConAgra Foods

Onder Filiz

MSc International Management (CEMS Route), 2009 Marketing Specialist, Carlsberg Group

Piotr Gawryluk

BSc Management Sciences, 2009MSc Decision Sciences, 2010Consultant, Office of Electronic Communications in Poland

Rachel Lim

MSc in Management, 2012Corporate Finance, Employees Provident Fund

Richa Goel

MSc International Employment Relations & Human Resource Management, 2009 Fellow, Teach for India

Sahil Bans

BSc Management & Employment Relations, 2011Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Stirling Cox

BSc Management Sciences, 2004US Director, AlphaSights

Tarek Zebian

MSc Public Management and Governance, 2009 Deputy Section Chief of the Payment Systems Department, Central Bank of Lebanon

Victor Alexiev

MSc Decision Sciences, 2010Director of R&D in Rivinews, CEO of TheSocks.com and Innovator, VP of Strategy in Obecto Ltd

Vijay Tiwari

Regional Manager, Macquarie Group/AT&TMSc ADMIS, 2012

Yimo Yang

Senior Associate, China Securities CoMSc Management Science, 2012

Employability skills

Graduates from the Management department at LSE become equipped with a portfolio of transferable skills which employers in all sectors look for. These include general skills such as being well organised and having effective communication skills, but aptitudes specific to studying Management include:

  • Business acumen: this course gives students an insight into business practise, financial transactions and commercial ventures. This is valuable because on of the most skills most commonly sought by graduate recruiters is commercial awareness
  • Problem solving: most graduate employers look for this quality in potential recruits. Our Management courses teach you specific ways to approach problems and further develop your critical thinking skills
  • Ability to use statistics and quantitative methods: for certain graduate jobs such as market research, some areas of banking, and some types of consultancy, knowledge of statistics, quantitative methods and related software packages is a real asset
  • Global thinking: the ability to see the bigger picture in a 'whole systems' manner. Useful for strategic roles within a range of organisations