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What do LSE Geography & Environment graduates do?

In 2013/14, 92% of undergraduate leavers and 93% of postgraduate leavers from the Department of Geography and Environment were in employment, completing further study or taking time out just six months after graduation.

Geography and Environment graduates were employed in a range of careers including:

  • Consultancy
  • Local and National government
  • Education

Many leavers continued their academic study to postgraduate level, specialising in areas of environmental policy, urbanisation and economic development, with a significant proportion opting to continue their studies at LSE.

The average starting salary of graduates from the Geography & Environment department in 2013/14 was £25,400 for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

To find out more about LSE graduate destinations by specific Geography & Environment degree programmes, see graduate destinations by course.

Graduate profiles

These are detailed profiles exploring why LSE graduates initially chose to study with us as well as giving each graduate the opportunity to relive their LSE experience and fill us in on how their career has developed since graduation. We are grateful to all LSE graduates who have taken the time to complete our Graduate Profile Questionnaire in order to produce these profiles.

Affan Mohamed Kolandaiveedu

MSc Environment and Development, 2009 Strategic Development Manager, Sims Recycling Solutions

Danielle Da Silva

MSc Environment and Development, 2011 Founder and Executive Director, Photographers Without Borders

Laura Bunting-Hudson

MSc Environment and Development, 2009Lecturer/PhD Student, Bronx Community College/Columbia University

Lawrence Coppin

BSc Environmental Policy, 2011 Technology Consultant, PwC

Leandro Galli

MSc Environment and Development, 2009ESRC funded PhD student in Marketing and Psychology, University of WarwickResearch Fellow for the Behavioural Insights Team, Cabinet Office

Lewis Abedi Asante

MSc Urbanisation and Development, 2011 Lecturer in Valuation, Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana

Meaghan Krohn

MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation, 2013Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellow, Syniverse

Preeya Sud

BSc Geography with Economics, 2008Assistant Brand Manager, Procter and Gamble

Rahul Prakash Pandey

MSc Environment and Development, 2011 Partner, Ace GMAT

Employability skills

Graduates from the Department of Geography and Environment are equipped with a portfolio of skills which employers in all sectors look for. These include general skills such as being well organised and having effective communication skills alongside course specific skills. The department produces highly trained geographers, skilled in economic, social and environmental geography.

Specific skills gained from studying within the Department of Geography and Environment at LSE include:

  • the ability to understand and manipulate statistical data and make decisions based on that data
  • the ability to absorb and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative information
  • advanced critical thinking skills, i.e.being able to critically examine information before accepting it
  • knowledge and understanding of using methods of social and spatial analysis and research techniques which form the foundation for final year independent work