Making a digital product

This guide takes you through the process of building a digital product like a website, app or piece of software. It introduces a lot of the concepts that you will need an understanding of and provides some resources and other sites to explore and learn from.

You can use it as a starting point if you are learning to programme yourself or to gain a bit of an understanding in order to have productive conversations with any technical staff you hire.

The process of building a digital product

Initial considerations

The things you should be thinking about before even starting work on your business. Includes technical considerations and some decisions you need to make in any start-up.

Sourcing funding

Some sources of funding for technical businesses.

Finding a developer

Some advice for finding technical collaborators for your business. Includes general tips, job titles to look out for and places to look.

Designing your product

The steps that you or a developer will need to go through when first designing the product. Includes requirements analysis and listing classes and use cases.

Building your product

Considerations and approaches to making an application or website. Includes information on project management and different development methodologies.

Resources and information

Types of digital product

A list of the commonest types of application that you might be building: desktop software, mobile app, hybrid app and web application.

Structure of an application

A look at three elements found in most applications: databases, software and user interfaces.


External websites to help you learn about programming, usability, security and general information about the world of digital start ups.


Online services to help you with project management, analytics, design and coding.