Bonnie Chiu

Job title Co-founder and director
Start-up Lensational
Location London

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

Skyping with our team in Hong Kong, then Bangladesh and Pakistan. Curating the photos taking by our women and tweeting. Attending events related to photography, women's empowerment and social entrepreneurship.

What are the main skills have you developed since working in a start-up?

Humility - not sure if this is a skill but recognising that there is so much we can learn. Especially for a social enterprise, recognising that our beneficiaries are the experts and we are just providing them with the tools that enable them to use their fullest potentials. 

What are the challenges of working in an entrepreneurial environment?

Dealing with uncertainties. 

How does your current role reflect your overall career plan?

The greatest thing about entrepreneurship is that it challenges your perceptions about so many things - including my overall career plan. So I have to say I don't have a good answer yet as it may change in a few months' time, but I am definitely sure that my overall career plan has to be dedicated to creating direct social impact - be it as a social entrepreneur, as a policy maker, or as an academic. 

Do you have any top tips for any students considering entrepreneurship as a viable career path?

Seize every opportunity that you come across. Don't be afraid to speak to people in high positions - even though you might be young, if you are genuinely driven by a cause or an entrepreneurship endeavour, you'd be surprised how many people are actually willing to listen and to help you!