Funding and visas


The biggest source of funding for postgraduate international students are the universities, colleges and schools themselves. This primarily comes in the form of:

  • Tuition and/or fee waivers and/or stipends in return for up to 20 hours a week working as a Graduate Assistant (teaching, research or administration).
  • Fellowships awarded on academic merit. See institutional and departmental websites for this information. As a general rule you can apply for this at the same time as applying for the programme of study but, even if granted, it may not be enough to cover all your costs so you will need to ensure that you provide evidence of being able to fully finance yourself in your application.

Independent scholarships and grants are another source of funding. The eligibility criteria for independent funding are usually very specific so you will need to check each funder's website to see if you match their criteria.

It is the exception rather than the rule for an international student to be able to finance all of their graduate studies and living expenses through university, departmental and independent grants and scholarships; up to 50% is likely to have to come from personal or family sources.

Funding is often awarded on an annual basis so it is not unusual for postgraduate students to have to start making funding applications for future years soon after they start their studies in the USA.

Scholarships to study in the US

  • Up to six Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships will be awarded to students from the United Kingdom for graduate study at Harvard University
  • Kennedy Scholarship is an academic award for study at two of the world's finest universities - Harvard and MIT. It can be used to fund a wide variety of programmes at MIT and across all the graduate schools within Harvard - from PhD to LLM, from MPH to MArch. It can also fund a Special Studentship for those wanting a general programme of non-degree study.
  • The Thouren Award is a graduate exchange program between British universities and the University of Pennsylvania.

Student visas

For further information on student visas, please contact the LSE International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT)