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You can book an appointment with the PhD careers adviser on LSE CareerHub|.
Please note: All career discussions are held in confidence.


Log in to LSE CareerHub| to search for job opportunities and book places on careers events. Other PhD jobsites can also be found at PhD Job Opportunities|.

Careers events

One hour seminars on careers issues relevant to PhD students run throughout the year. For information about the latest events log in to LSE CareerHub|

Our PhD careers consultant also delivers seminars for the Teaching and Learning Centre| (TLC) programmes for PhD students and post-doctoral staff.  For more information contact TLC on|.

You can also find all our PhD careers seminar slides| on this website.

Access to LSE Careers after you graduate

You can continue to book appointments with the PhD careers adviser for two years from the date of your PhD graduation.

For further information on alumni access please visit the CareerHub access| page.

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Funding for a master’s degree or PhD

If you’re considering further study or a PhD, you may be interested in the £5,000 master’s and PhD scholarships available from and They are available in all subjects for study at any university listed on the sites - including LSE. Two £500 runners-up scholarships will also be awarded. Apply by Sunday 31 May.

International funding opportunities for PhD students

There are currently several international funding opportunities available for PhD students: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) PhD students: grow your international reach: apply for scholarships to work for up to 12 months in Japan!  The scheme is also open to post-doctoral fellows. JSPS, Japan’s leading funding agency, is  keen to fund Short Term Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowships in Social Sciences. Funding […]

PhD students – are you thinking about your career?

You are probably thinking about life after your PhD, but in fact you’re “living your career” now. The things you do (or are thinking about doing) alongside your research will influence the choices you have after graduation. During your PhD, as well as researching, publishing and presenting at conferences, students can work - as teachers, research assistants, web managers, journal editors etc. Some do internships or […]

New charities added to the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding database

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding is an exclusive resource for LSE students and staff that identifies sources of funding – especially from charities – which can grant awards to students regardless of subject or nationality. Over the last three months, more than 60 new charities have been added to the funding database, including: Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust Grants for […]

Sandrine Foldvari – Managing Partner, Taranis Partners

Sandrine Foldvari completed a PhD in statistics in 2011 and is now Managing Partner for Taranis Partners. “I am responsible for the quantitative research for our fund. Pragmatic and thorough quantitative skills and IT skills are a must. It is important to be keen to learn new programming languages and read loads of new papers/research.” Read more about Sandrine on her full […]

New student resource: Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online

Current LSE students now have access to the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online. The guide identifies alternative sources of funding (especially within charities), which can grant awards to any student regardless of subject or nationality. This huge database is full of useful resources for those looking for funding, including: funding opportunities comprehensive guidance grant application writing tools sample personal and […]

Working for international organisations

Here Robin Broadway, a careers consultant at LSE Careers shares some of his many insights into working for an international organisation along with details about one of our biggest events of the year, International Organisations’ Day. Ever since the UN and the other international organisations were set up after World War II, LSE alumni have been disproportionately well-represented on their […]

How to cope when your career isn’t going to plan

One thing is for certain, we will all be rejected for a job at some point in our lives. It’s how we deal with the disappointment that’s important.  Disappointment is an uncomfortable emotion and can be difficult to deal with. Here guest blogger, Dr Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena, explains how, by thinking differently, you can use these experiences to build career resilience, focus on your core […]

LSE Partnership PhD Mobility Bursaries 2014/15 – applications open

The application process for the LSE Partnership PhD Mobility Bursaries 2014/15 are now open. These bursaries are a great way to get some financial support to spend some time at either: Columbia University (New York) National University of Singapore Peking University (Beijing) Sciences Po (Paris) for your research as part of your PhD. To be eligible you’ll need to have […]

Have you ever thought about doing a PhD?

Many students think about the possibility of doing a PhD. But how do you know if it’s right for you?  A PhD can certainly be a rewarding experience but it can also be tough and take several years, so it’s really worth thinking it through before making the decision to start.  Here Dr Madelaine Chapman, the PhD Careers Consultant here […]

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