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PhD career development programme 2015

Read the latest career development programme brochure below. The brochure outlines the most relevant services and resources and advises you on how to approach your career while at LSE. You can also download the brochure [pdf].


You can book an appointment with the PhD careers adviser on LSE CareerHub.
Please note: All career discussions are held in confidence.


Log in to LSE CareerHub to search for job opportunities and book places on careers events. We also have lists of other academic and non-academic job sites suitable for PhD students.

Careers events

One hour seminars on careers issues relevant to PhD students run throughout the year. For information about the latest events log in to LSE CareerHub

Our PhD careers consultant also delivers seminars for the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) programmes for PhD students and post-doctoral staff.  For more information contact TLC on

You can also find all our PhD careers seminar slides on this website.

Access to LSE Careers after you graduate

You can continue to book appointments with the PhD careers adviser for two years from the date of your PhD graduation.

For further information on alumni access please visit the CareerHub access page.

Welcome to all PhD students – new and returning

A very warm welcome from Catherine Reynolds, Careers Consultant for PhD students and research staff! We have many years’ experience of working with PhD students from all departments and offer a substantial programme of career development for PhD students looking to develop their career in academic or in other employment sectors. We run specialist events, fairs, seminars and talks throughout the year […]


PhD students – gaining additional experience while you study…

…is important for your career progression (it adds experience to your CV; provides contacts for collaboration; might help keep you going etc. etc.) and provides useful additional income too. Experience might be freelance work, consultancy or internships. The category name doesn’t matter; the value for you and your career progression is very important. In this ongoing blog post we will […]


What to do as you come to the end of your PhD

As a PhD student coming towards the end of writing your PhD thesis, submission is the priority so you’re probably not making many job applications now. Thinking about the future at this stage can be unnerving (unless you have been very well organised and secured a position already). This post is to reassure those of you without firm plans that there […]


Want an academic career? Here’s how

For PhD students and researchers wanting an academic career, our advice is to add four areas of expertise to your portfolio to meet the requirements of a job specification: Research Yes, that’s your PhD thesis, but it’s also: going to conferences, publishing in the best journals, building your academic network, knowing your field and the other players. It’s having a plan to […]


Interested in teaching? Opportunities to start in September 2016

Interested in a career or a spell in teaching? Places are still available for September 2016, particularly in shortage subjects: maths, computing, modern foreign languages and also in economics and geography. If you’re interested, apply now! Things to decide First explore your preferences: primary or secondary school subject school or university based training Then the Get Into Teaching website will help […]


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Career options after your PhD – planning ahead

Starts: 10 Oct 2016 12:30 PM
Finishes: 10 Oct 2016 2:00 PM
Venue: PhD Academy, LSE Library
Remaining places: 37
Are you thinking about different career options and/or are unsure about what to do after your PhD? In this interactive, participatory seminar we will help you review your skills, strengths, and values to assess your options and plan your next steps.

PhD entrepreneurs: could this be you? – panel event

Starts: 12 Oct 2016 5:30 PM
Finishes: 12 Oct 2016 7:00 PM
Venue: PhD Academy, LSE Library
Remaining places: 37
An entrepreneurial future is a career possibility for PhD students and research staff. This panel event gives you the chance to hear from successful entrepreneurial LSE PhD graduates about their career history, current roles, and tips for getting in/on in the industry.

Preparing for an academic career in the UK (for PhDs and research staff)

Starts: 24 Oct 2016 4:00 PM
Finishes: 24 Oct 2016 5:00 PM
Venue: PhD Academy, 4th Floor Lionel Robbins Building
Remaining places: 38
This seminar will help PhD students and research staff who are interested in or planning an academic career in the UK develop a deeper understanding of UK academic career progression and the structure of the UK higher education sector.

Thinking of doing a PhD?

Starts: 26 Oct 2016 4:00 PM
Finishes: 26 Oct 2016 5:00 PM
Venue: PhD Academy, 4th Floor Lionel Robbins Building
Remaining places: 40
This seminar is for anyone considering doing a PhD. It considers why, where, and when to do a PhD and how to approach the application process.

CVs for outside academia (for PhD students and research staff)

Starts: 7 Nov 2016 4:00 PM
Finishes: 7 Nov 2016 5:00 PM
Venue: PhD Academy, 4th Floor Lionel Robbins Building
Remaining places: 39
In this seminar we will look at how PhD students and researchers can put together strong applications for jobs outside academia, including what employers expect to see in applications and how you can present yourself successfully at this stage of the recruitment process.

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